WiseStamp design features

Make your email signature shine with the right design, look, and layouts for your brand. Give it a WiseStamp.

wisestamp design feature hero

Design a signature that fits your style and brand

Arrange details

Organize your personal details so they are in the order you prefer.

Label icons

Choose the right icons that fit your brand

Field customization

Add any (and as many) customized fields as you like to give your signature your most important details.


Choose from a variety of email-safe fonts to make your email signature stand out.


Apply your brand colors for professionalism and consistency.

Decorations & spacing

Create a unique signature that is fully yours with different lines, icons, and spacing.


An image for every occasion

An email signature is your moment to shine. Express yourself and your business to the fullest with image features and components.

Learn how to better use your signature images


Shape, size, position, link

Play around with the dimensions and the location of the image. Hyperlink your photo and direct people to any URL you choose.


Add 2 images

Can’t decide between a logo or a professional headshot for the final sign off? Feature both.

wisestamp two image design feature

Styled signoff

Make your emails feel friendly and personal with a handwritten signature to end an email. This can be either static or animated handwriting. Choose to sign your name, add a default salutation, or create your own!

animated sign off

Animated images

Utilize our animation feature to flip between two images in your signature. Pick from several transition effects produce a result that showcases you and your business in one.

animated logo image

Dynamic banners

Our banner gallery has a wide array of pre-designed banners for you to add to your signature. There are a number of categories, from Holidays & Events to Social Causes, and you can browse through both still and animated images, and even attach a link to each banner.

And if you have a preferred animated (or still) banner, you can also upload your own design!

dynamic banners selection


Are WiseStamp’s designs compatible with all email platforms?

Yes, WiseStamp easily integrates with every major email platform. With our variety of advanced technological solutions, sending emails with a branded signature was never easier.

Do any designs make my email heavier?

None of the basic design features will make your emails heavier. However, if you add a Styled Signoff or use a GIF as your photo or logo, these elements can cause an email to be slightly heavier, but will not create a difference to your email weight.

Can I use my brand colors?

Yes, WiseStamp is here to support every brand’s unique look and feel.

Can I use my own designs?

Absolutely. You can create your own designs for banners, images, and even templates.

How easy is it to design a signature?

Very! Our email signature editor is very simple to use and you can create a professional signature for yourself or a company in just a few minutes.

What if I don’t like any of the templates?

You can create your own template to use for your company, and we’ll help you implement it into your email signature.

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