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Maintain a uniform appearance and ensure legal protection of every email sent

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email signature management for law firms

Ensure legal protection

Schedule meetings directly

Showcase credentials and awards 

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Professionalism in every email

Your employees and associates’ emails are your main channel of client communication, making it a strategic spot for your firm’s messaging. Use a consistently professional email signature to leave a strong impression, ensure legal protection, showcase your achievements, promote your services and schedule meetings directly from every email.

Establish your legal reputation

Any law firm needs a distinctive and elegant email signature to leave a lasting impression on clients and partners. WiseStamp makes it easy to establish and maintain your firm’s identity, ensuring that your logo is prominently displayed in every email communication.

law firms need a distinctive and elegant email signature

Make your accomplishments known

Highlighting your firm’s credentials and awards is an essential component of establishing trust and credibility. Seeing your proven track record consistently displayed in every email reinforces your clients and partners’ confidence that their legal matters are in capable hands.

Highlighting your firm's credentials and awards

Make sure you are legally protected

Every email correspondence could be exposed to legal or regulatory hazards. The right email disclaimer at the bottom of your associates’ emails will serve as your protecting shield against unwanted liabilities or simple misunderstandings. 

WiseStamp provides a number of templates for your different email disclaimer needs:


Protect sensitive information and maintain privacy.


Prevent confusion around the legal status of your email communication.

Correct recipient

Avert unintended consequences of sending an email to the wrong recipient.

No viruses

Avoid liability over damage caused by malicious software.

Personal opinions

Avoid company liability for the opinions of an individual employee.


Create a legal disclaimer for the specific needs of your firm.

Schedule meetings fast and easy

Make it easier for clients to schedule meetings with your firm by embedding an online scheduler app into your email signatures. Efficient scheduling reduces the administrative burden on your legal practitioners allowing them to focus on more meaningful legal tasks.

online scheduling abilities for law firms in signature panel

It’s easy to get started in 4 simple steps

Easily installed, no IT maintenance required

 WiseStamp is fully set-and-forget, requiring zero hassle on your part after the quick-and-easy installation. Every new hire in your firm is automatically assigned with his relevant signature, complete with the right disclaimer and scheduler, and you can view all employees and signatures in one clear dashboard.

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