Becoming your own boss can feel extremely liberating and is one of the many reasons why the freelance workforce is steadily on the rise.  But, working for yourself also comes with many challenges. In the following podcast, Dan Pink, an author who writes about work, management and behavioral science, describes the common enticements and traps of being self-employed.

WorkLife with Adam Grant

“I like deciding what I’m going to do, not being assigned something,” Pink explains. “I like determining when I’m going to be in the office, not someone saying, ‘We’ve got a meeting at 8:30am, Pink.'”

So he quit his job and became his own boss. However, “it’s always a struggle,” Pink admits. “I love having me as a boss; I hate having me as an employee!” Freedom can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to your work. Listen to Adam Grant’s discussion with Dan Pink to discover how to have the best of both worlds.

You can find even more insights on the freelance lifestyle and workforce in WiseStamp’s research report “State of the Freelance Nation,” which surveyed over 2,000 professionals who work independently.