It’s no secret that the freelance career path is becoming more and more popular. According to our own report called State of the Freelance Nation, most freelancers prefer to work independently and do not wish to return to traditional employment.

But here is one of the most interesting trends within the freelance market:  Women prefer freelancing more than men do. According to a 2015 study by The Freelancers Union, women make up 53 percent of full-time freelancers, edging out men by a small percentage that is expected to grow. Why ? Unlike traditional employment, which can leave women feeling limited in terms of maternity leave, salary and promotions, the freelance work life offers more flexibility and freedom. The Freelancers Union study shows that:

·  71 percent of women are more likely to freelance to earn extra money
  (compared with 51 percent of men)

·  58 percent of women are more likely to freelance in order
to have a more flexible work schedule
    (compared with 43 percent of men)

·  40 percent of women are likely to freelance to escape
   “office dynamics” that usually favor men
   (as compared with 26 percent of men)

Granted, women freelancers still experience a wage gap compared to their male counterparts. But, nonetheless, the freelance lifestyle is becoming more and more appealing to female workers. We even see this phenomenon amongst our own female talent here at WiseStamp. We spoke to four of our female team members who—in addition to working for WiseStamp—also freelance on the side or have ambitions to start. (Even our own matriarch, Orly Izhaki, WiseStamp’s co-founder and CEO,  makes time on the side to mentor female small business owners.)

Here is what these four WiseWomen had to say!

Talia Schwarzmer, Customer Success Manager

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a veterinarian! I’ve always enjoyed helping people and loved animals even more, so it sounded like the perfect combination of both.


What’s it like to be a woman in your industry?

It’s a bit challenging. Finding my voice and demonstrating my knowledge to customers has been a learning process. Once I stopped thinking of myself as just a woman in a male-dominated industry and started to think of myself as the WiseStamp Customer Service Manager, then suddenly I didn’t feel any difference between me and my male co-workers.

But, no matter what, the bias exists. Women are simply perceived differently in the workplace, often inferior. There is an infamous example of when two co-workers, one female and one male, switched email accounts for a week. They shared the exact same role, which involved communicating with clients on a regular basis. But when the male employee communicated as “Nicole,” he was shocked by how clients questioned his expertise, replied rudely and even hit on him. Meanwhile, the female employee had the easiest work week of her life!


In addition to your role at WiseStamp, please tell us about your freelance life!

I’m really excited about the journey I’m taking to start my own custom crochet service. It started a few years ago as a hobby while in between jobs, but now it’s grown into a passion of mine. I’m constantly in the middle of new projects, and I try to challenge myself every day by practicing a new stitch. This is definitely a scary path for me, starting something on my own, but I’m confident that I can learn from other women, (like our CEO Orly!) about how to grow it into something I can be proud of.



Merav Shalom

Your industry: Graphic Design

Job title: Creative Designer, Web Designer

Experience: 10 years

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

I think I wanted to be a painter or an actress because I loved to make people laugh.

When I was a little girl I used to draw a lot and loved to build creative things on my own like a dollhouse and a bed for my dog. As a graphic and web designer, I still use my creativity!

What’s it like to be a woman in your industry?

I find it challenging at times merely because of the demographics. There is a large demand for graphic designers in the hi-tech industry, which is dominated by men. And within the graphic design itself, there are more men than women.  Also, as a woman, I feel I have to balance my personal life with my professional life more than most male counterparts. I am planning to be a single-parent so it will be even more challenging, but I believe in myself, and I’m sure I have the ability to make it.

In addition to your role at WiseStamp, please tell us about your freelance life!

I love to meet new customers from different workplaces and professions. I like to design a variety of projects for different clients because I find it to be professionally rewarding, and it keeps my skills sharp. As a freelancer, I take on a wide scope of projects like illustration, web design, print design, UI/UX design, and I love to combine them all!


Shani Patael, Junior Web Developer

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

I wanted to be a doctor, which is also traditionally viewed as a “man’s” job. But instead I went into Development, which unlike medicine these days, is a very male-dominated industry. I hope that it will become more balanced in the future the way that medicine has.


What’s it like to be a woman in your industry?

It’s wonderful because I really feel like I’m helping the industry become more gender-balanced by simply being a female developer. I’m just starting my career, but in several years, I hope to see many more female developers join me and have the opportunity to mentor the ones starting out like I am now.

As your career progresses, do you think you’d like to do freelance projects in the future, and, if so, why?

Right now, I’m focused on gaining experience as a traditional employee since I’ve just entered the workforce. I have a lot to learn! But in the future, freelancing is definitely something I’d like to explore. Working for the WiseStamp community really helps me understand the value of doing something on your own. I’m developing products for all types of people with all types of passions, and it’s inspiring to see how they are using WiseBrand’s tools to create their own businesses and opportunities. So, for sure, I see myself doing that as well one day!


 Rachel Solomon, Marketing, Media and Communications

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

I oddly had a very specific aspiration: I wanted to be the owner of a “glass” store. When I was little, I met two lovely senior women who owned an antiques shops (aka “glass store” when you’re 5-years-old), and that made an impression on me!

What’s it like to be a woman in your industry?

I’m in an industry that has a pretty fair gender balance unlike others. Still, my industry experiences similar limitations like wage gaps and glass ceilings. I’ve worn many hats within my field, like on-camera reporting, and there is always more of an emphasis on appearance and age when you are a female “personality.” That needs to change.

In addition to your role at WiseStamp, please tell us about your freelance life!

I really like to challenge myself with different kinds of projects, which is why I find freelancing so rewarding. Outside of WiseStamp, I do copywriting and editing projects for a few different clients on an ad-hoc basis. I also have my own small business as a jewelry designer, which taps into my creative side. It can be quite a balancing act to do it all, but I love each role so much, that I make it work.