As a freelancer you get to be your own boss, make your own hours and work wherever you like.

But if you are new to freelancing then you also have to spend a large amount of time searching for valuable work opportunities as you build for yourself a solid client base and a good reputation.

To help you get started with your new freelance lifestyle we’ve created for you this list of the 25 best freelance job websites.

20 top general freelance job sites


Apply to join OnSite’s freelance team and get contacted when a company is looking to hire someone with your skills. Positions are available for design, development, illustration, motion, management and many other job categories.

Working Nomads

A curated list of jobs for working nomads. The majority of job listings are for developers though there are some projects available in graphic design, customer service, system administration and marketing.


Whatever skills you may have, you can most likely find someone on Fiverr that will pay you for them. While the base fee that you can charge is $5 (of which $1 goes to Fiverr) you can also create gigs with advanced options that cost more.

Fiverr can also be a good place to find prospects for your freelancing service, clients that may be interested in hiring you on a regular basis.


Previously known as oDesk, Upwork has a wide variety of available projects for freelancers. If you’re looking for short-term or long-term work, to be paid-per-hour or by project, you will undoubtedly find something on UpWork that meets your criteria.


Compete with other freelancers to prove your skills and get hired for any of the four million projects listed on Freelancer.

This database has millions of freelancers for thousands of freelance jobs: from web design, mobile app development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing and graphic design.


Create your profile, define the services you offer and showcase your previous work. Employers looking for someone that offers these services can then decide if your skills and experience are a good match for their project. A daily job-matching feature also helps you discover good job opportunities.


There are a wide variety of freelancing projects here, including sales & marketing, business support, video editing and web design. After creating your account you can personalize your profile with videos and pictures to help convince clients to buy your services.

You can apply for one of the short-term “hourly” projects, for which you will have to compete against other freelancers, as well as send out up to 15 proposals a month to clients directly.


Another freelancing site for writers, editors, designers,coders etc. Though in order to join iFreelance and bid on the projects freelancers have to purchase a plan, starting at $7 a month. But freelancers also get to keep all of their earnings.

Developers are matched up with clients looking for people to work on their projects. You can also apply through GitHub.


This site matches up companies with top designers and developers. Apply to join their team of freelancers by providing your name and online portfolio URL.

Smashing jobs

This job board on Smashing Magazine is a good place to search for developer and design positions.


Millions of small-scale web design and programming projects are available here for freelancers to choose from.

WP Hired

If you’re a WordPress expert then this is a good place to find yourself a gig, with a wide range of jobs available, from development to design.


A self-curated community of talented developers that companies can turn to, to get their projects completed. This site is used by companies like Google and Birchbox to find freelancers.


A job site for experienced designers and developers. If you get accepted to Toptal you’ll have access to significant projects with high-respected companies.

Envato Studio

This website is more exclusive than many of the others and all contributing freelancers (or Service Providers, as they are called) are hand-picked.

In order to apply to be a service provider you need to fill out one of the Registration of Interest forms here, though there is no guarantee you will be invited to join the site.

A majority of the positions available are for designers and developers though there are also projects for marketers, writers, translators, music producers and other such categories.


This private online community for top-notch designers encourages members to help each other find projects to work on by rewarding designers for referring projects to others. In order to join Juiiicy you have to receive an invite from another member or request one through the website.

Stack Overflow Careers

Use your Stack Overflow account to receive personalized job matches and showcase your work and potential clients.


A members-only job site for experienced designers. Apply to join Folypo’s community of designers and view projects that companies are looking to hire designers for.


Freelance designers can compete in contests submitted to the platform by clients who need a design. Clients provide feedback to designers to help them fine-tune their designs and then choose their favorite design, with the winner receiving a cash prize.

5 top freelance job sites for writers

Problogger jobs

Bloggers and writers looking for freelance work can head over to the ProBlogger’s job board where there are a variety of listings for blog writers.

Freelance Writing Gigs

The Freelance Writing job board is updated daily with writing and blogging jobs that you can apply for through the website. The website also offers some good resources for freelancers to improve their writing, blogging and copywriting skills.

Constant Content

If you are a good writer then you have a chance of making some significant cash on Constant Content. After filling out the application form, taking a short quiz and submitting a writing sample, your application to the site will be considered.

If you are accepted you can go ahead and begin writing on whatever topics interest you. You can also choose to write articles based on specific requests made by publishers, though there is no guarantee they will choose to purchase your article. If they reject it, it can be sold to someone else.

Freelance Writers Den

This is a members-only site that not only provides quality job leads through their job board but also offers weekly live trainings, e-courses, bootcamps, and a supportive community.

At the moment membership to the site is closed but you can apply to get on their waiting list for when it opens again. A highly recommended site for anyone that’s serious about becoming a freelance writer.

This is a great website for finding fantastic quality projects. Each day the site publishes a list of new writing leads with full details including payment and contact information.

You can also browse through the tabs for editing jobs, projects for literary markets and freelance gigs. Do you know of any other good freelancing websites that should be on this list?
Tell us about them in the comments.