How Avenues NY united their brand while discovering a new sales channel

Who is AvenuesNY?

A full-service real estate brokerage specializing in residential leasing, sales, and property management, AvenuesNY agents operate out of 5 different offices spread across New York City. With more than $100 million in annual deal volume, Avenues is ranked among the top agencies in their field.

The Avenues challenge

Bringing five offices under one brand

AvenuesNY Real Estate was created in 2020 from the merger of veteran New York real estate agencies with many decades of experience between them. This resulted in one of the most prominent real estate brands in the industry.

But it also presented a challenge: while each office has its own specific marketing needs, as they wish to promote their own listings to their audiences, it was now imperative to have consistent branding for all offices combined. A branding that will be present in all client interactions and will signal, both internally and externally, that they are indeed one team.

So how do you strengthen your one brand, when you have 5 different offices?

The WiseStamp solution

1. Consistency & flexibility in one place

WiseStamp proved to be the perfect solution for Avenues Real Estate in tackling this challenge. By implementing WiseStamp as their email signature management solution, Avenues achieved the right balance between brand consistency and individual agent flexibility. 

With WiseStamp, each office was able to maintain the Avenues’ brand in all client interactions. At the same time, it empowered each office to showcase its own listings and promote its individual trademark expertise in its email signatures. This seamless integration of brand consistency and flexibility is just what Avenues Real Estate needed to reinforce its status as one unified team.


2. A whole new sales channel

Avenues Real Estate had another revelation of sorts when implementing WiseStamp. They quickly learned that adding banners to their signatures could generate remarkable results. Since adopting WiseStamp, Avenues has witnessed a staggering 6% of its leads originating from email signatures alone. This translates to about a hundred high-quality leads per month.

The impact on their ROI has been transformative, making email signature marketing a game changer for their business. Today, Avenues cannot imagine its marketing and sales operation without the contribution of email signatures, as it continues to drive impressive results.

Adoption is high when onboarding is easy

A key challenge in the execution of consistent branding across company emails is employee adoption rate, which usually requires chasing employees and asking for their cooperation. In Avenues case, with 5 disparate locations and remote agents all over town, it could have been even harder.

Thankfully, WiseStamp’s implementation is remarkably simple, requiring only one-click step to embed employees’ email signatures, and virtually zero training.

From individual agents to team members

The WiseStamp solution played a big role in AvenuesNY growth story, as it fostered a sense of belonging among the agents, and reinforced their commitment to the brand while delivering them a new revenue channel.

Soon after implementing WiseStamp, adding the brand’s email signature became synonymous with being part of this respected organization. As Jane Mao, AvenuesNY Marketing Consultant put it: “It’s like getting your ID badge”.

In this way, the integration of WiseStamp contributed to the agents’ unity and changed their perception of their roles – from individual agents to autonomous parts of a larger team. 

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