How Bizzabo uses email signatures to boost brand recognition

The Bizzabo challenge

Rebranding without losing brand visibility

About a year ago, Bizzabo went through a rebranding process that included redesigning its brand identity to better reflect its vision for the future. Keeping things consistent across all channels, especially on company emails, is key to a smooth rebranding process.

When trying to apply the new brand makeover on more than 300 employee email signatures, the entire operation could have gone sideways, sending inconsistent and unsynchronized messages to their loyal customer base.

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The WiseStamp solution

Managing everything from one place

Telling a new story about the company and its goals for the future is the essence of a successful rebranding process.

By implementing WiseStamp for Teams, Bizzabo was able to keep things on-brand across the entire organization without missing a beat. Using one dashboard to manage all employees’ signatures, Bizzabo’s slim marketing team instantly maintained a unified brand identity for all email signatures.

The new Bizzabo brand colors and logo are now strikingly displayed in every email that comes out of the company, delivering Bizzabo’s fresh vision in unison.

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“Our nice new yellow Bizzabo logo is now very visible in every email we send, which considerably increases our brand recognition

Hassle-free email signature management

Before WiseStamp, managing all of Bizzabo’s email signatures was a pain. Every employee had to update their own signature when onboarding and the smallest change involved chasing every one of them with reminders, making email branding and marketing efforts complicated.

WiseStamp for Teams saved the company a vast amount of time and hassle. Updating the company-wide email signature with new designs and promotions is so simple, they now do it every 2 weeks!

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Email marketing made easy

Email signatures are more than just a branding tool. Since emails are a central part of Bizzabo’s communication and marketing efforts, it only makes sense that their email signatures will be a prime spot for their marketing campaigns.

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Bizzabo’s new billboard

Bizzabo has so many things to announce on a regular basis – from webinars and events to new content pieces, eBooks, or industry awards. WiseStamp’s dedicated marketing and tracking features make every new promotion seamless, driving up event registration and content downloads, and opening a brand new marketing channel for the company.

WiseStamp help save Bizzabo IT time

Save precious time for IT

Bizzabo’s IT staff still remember the days when they used to chase down every employee to make sure they apply their company signature. This time-consuming process is now a thing of the past with WiseStamp.

Amanda Gratz, Design Operations Manager at Bizzabo, describes how it works today: “We just send out a message to everyone saying: ‘hey, we’ve updated our email signatures for a new promotion, please click refresh.’ Everyone just clicks and it works!”

bizzabo case study

Join +10K companies worldwide that already use WiseStamp to upgrade their email signatures

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