WiseStamp Signature Manager Amobee Case Study

Creating brand unification across all company email signatures.

“With WiseStamp we were able to implement on-brand, unified signatures to all employees, solidifying our professional look across every form of communication.”

– Andrew Lindgren, Sr. Manager for Demand growth at Amobee

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About Amobee

Amobee is a global advertising technology platform that helps brands, agencies, and media companies plan, launch, and measure cross-screen advertising initiatives across TV and digital media.

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  1. Company name: Amobee
  2. Business category: Advertising solution
  3. Company size: 837 employees
  4. Headquarters: Redwood City, CA
  5. Founded: 2005
  6. Website: www.amobee.com
  7. Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/amobee/


Amobee has over 400 customer-facing team members that communicate with prospects and customers on a daily basis. They rely on email for much of this communication, and so they realized there is a need for a unified email signature company-wide.

But Amobee employees are spread across many locations and offices, which presents immense difficulties for achieving  synchronization for the smallest signature update.

Amobee needed a signature management solution to:


  • Create and maintain brand consistency and recognition
  • Increase the visibility of company-wide marketing campaigns and initiatives
  • Expand channels that drive brand awareness
  • Unify the Amobee brand


WiseStamp is an email signature management software that easily integrates with your Google G Suite to give you central management over all your organization’s email signatures.


  • Central control and workflow automation: WiseStamp streamlines employees & department signatures management by syncing with your G Suite user directory, letting you set assign editing privileges, and set automated invites
  • Professional design: WiseStamp provides trendy, yet sophisticated, designs
  • Product flexibility: Custom signatures were offered to match Amobee’s exact needs
  • Stability and scale: WiseStamp is secure & trusted by large organizations
  • Excellent customer service: WiseStamp experts were available at any time

Steps taken by Amobee

  1. Created a unified company email signature using the WiseStamp signature generator
  2. Ran a pilot program with 10 people on the marketing team
  3. Tried the WiseStamp Email Signature Marketing Campaign Manager
  4. Easily scaled up signature management across the entire organization


  • Consistent professional branding in email signatures company-wide
  • Email signature segmentation per office location and department
  • Established a new Email Signature Marketing channel
    – Custom marketing banners
    – Social media links
    – Website link
  • Reduced implementation time for signature changes and updates (tens of work hours saved)
  • Hundreds of thousands of additional brand views per month

Get the benefits WiseStamp clients are getting

more email leads using email signature marketing
15% increase in email leads

For users who created a signature with the schedule a meeting app

more email replies with company-wide email signature
32% more email replies

When you leverage WiseStamp’s signatures design & add your photo

social icons email signature for increased social reach
10% Growth in social reach

When adding social apps to your company email signature

email signature brand views
80K Additional brand impressions per month

On average for a company with 100 employees

22c CPC for email signature marketing
22¢ CPC

For from email signature marketing clicks

work hours saved by using the wisestamp email signature manager
34 Work hours savings per year

For your IT, Branding, or Marketing department

Join over 6,500 companies who use WiseStamp to grow their business

Easily set up a new marketing and branding engine for your organization


Simple 5 step implementation

  1. Choose a template from a variety of designs
  2. Customize to match your brand and needs
  3. Add banners, call-to-action, and links
  4. Connect your employees
  5. Manage users by role or department
  6. Edit, update and manage with no coding or IT intervention

“The WiseStamp Customer Service has been great! The team was super responsive and was able to resolve any issues that we couldn’t solve on our own, they were great partners. “

Andrew Lindgren

Sr. Manager for Demand growth at Amobee

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