How Amobee uses email signatures to expand its marketing

The Amobee challenge

Fully optimized marketing & branding channel

As marketing optimization experts, they knew exactly what they were expecting to see in their email signature solution: an easy-to-use branding and marketing tool that will allow them to amplify their messaging, with built-in, easy-to-add marketing features, plus tracking abilities that will enable data-driven, optimized marketing.

In WiseStamp for Teams, Amobee found an email signature management app that matches their own marketing expertise. Using a unified dashboard to manage every aspect of each employee’s email signature, team Amobee was able to increase the visibility and measurability of their marketing campaigns and drive their brand recognition forward.

amobee branding
The WiseStamp solution for amobee

The WiseStamp solution

Managing everything from one place

Telling a new story about the company and its goals for the future is the essence of a successful rebranding process.

By implementing WiseStamp for Teams, Bizzabo was able to keep things on-brand across the entire organization without missing a beat. Using one dashboard to manage all employees’ signatures, Bizzabo’s slim marketing team instantly maintained a unified brand identity for all email signatures.

The new Bizzabo brand colors and logo are now strikingly displayed in every email that comes out of the company, delivering Bizzabo’s fresh vision in unison.

The WiseStamp solution for amobee

“With WiseStamp we were able to implement on-brand, unified signatures to all employees, solidifying our professional look across every form of communication.“

Delivering a unified message

With Amobee’s employees spread across so many locations and offices across the globe, maintaining brand consistency was challenging. In fact, Amobee’s team faced immense difficulties in synchronizing even the smallest signature update between all team members.

WiseStamp’s centralized email signature management platform made real-time, universal changes simple and easy. It allowed Amobee to control its branding across every signature, unify its brand appearance and achieve consistency as befits a company of its caliber.WiseStamp for Teams saved the company a vast amount of time and hassle. Updating the company-wide email signature with new designs and promotions is so simple, they now it every 2 weeks!

amobee email signature by wisestamp

Customized for every demand

Amobee’s team are veteran marketers with considerable mileage in the branding and advertising fields. When it comes to presenting their brand to their clients and prospects, they know exactly what they want to show, and how it should look.

The WiseStamp Team provided them with the flexibility they needed to integrate their tailor-made signature with their email platform. At the same time, they can also easily and regularly update it on their own with banners, promotions, and CTAs. No need to call support.

amobee case study - email signature examples

Bringing higher results

At the end of the day, Amobee’s experts are looking at the bottom line to see the actual impact of their marketing efforts. Without concrete results, there would be no point in establishing another branding and marketing channel. And as expected, WiseStamp delivered where it matters.

Following the implementation of WiseStamp for Teams, Amobee witnessed a surge of hundreds of thousands of additional brand views per month. Their ROI was further improved because of a major decrease in the implementation time for signature changes and updates, saving dozens of work hours.

Bringing higher marketing results for amobee

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