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Add banners, call-to-action buttons, social links & more.

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Easily manage email signatures across your company.

An effective marketing strategy

Get free traffic to your website with emails you send every day. Try WiseStamp smart apps, there’s an app for every need.

Provide quick links to your social profiles

Make it easy for recipients to find you on social media and learn more about your work. In the WiseStamp editor, add your social media icon and change its color, shape, or size any way you want to.

Connecting with customers

Add your photo to build trust and to create a personal connection with prospects.

An effective marketing strategy
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Connecting with customers


How can my email signature drive business results?

Your email signature plays three main roles – one is to make it easy for recipients to contact you. Second, it adds a professional touch to your emails, and third, is to drive traffic to your website or social media pages. To conclude all three roles, a professional email signature helps to increase brand recognition and to drive actual results such as leads and sales.

What information should I include in my email signature?

The most important information is the obvious ones such as your name, title, phone, email, and website but if you want your email signature to be more than a black & white list and make it something people will remember than you should get started with WiseStamp.

How do I design an attractive email signature with WiseStamp?

WiseStamp editor is easy to use and requires no special skills, so that anyone can create a signature in under two minutes.

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How do I add an email signature in Gmail/Outlook/Apple Mail

The simple way is to use WiseStamp robust integration, which enables you to add, with one click, your new email signature to your email account. The second option is to copy and paste your signature code into your email account settings.

Can I have a different email signature for replies and forwarded emails?

To add different signatures for reply/forward emails, install WiseStamp Chrome extension for free. To learn more, visit our article page, Google Chrome signature extension by WiseStamp, from our help center.

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Can I measure the impact of my email signature?

View how many people viewed or clicked your company-wide email signature to measure the success of your email signature marketing strategy. To learn more, visit our help center.

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