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Janelle R
Marketing and Advertising | United States

“Elevated our brand in mere minutes”

What do you like best about WiseStamp?

There are several things I like/love about WiseStamp:

the ability to add headshots (or not)

the easy in uniformity

the ability to add eye-catching banners to advertise

very user friendly

customer service was very responsive.


Melissa H
Marketing and Advertising | 10 - 25 | United States

“So easy to use”

What do you like best about WiseStamp?

I couldn’t stand that my business signature was dull and uninformative. I needed a way to link my social media for my clients and provide more info for them. I found wisestamp and was able to try out a signature with their free version. I loved it so much I purchased the full version that day. It was easy to use and easy to set up. I think the price is fair. There isn’t anything I don’t like about the company, even their “marketing” emails are helpful to remind you to finish the process or give you more tips and the quantity of emails isn’t overwhelming.Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike about WiseStamp?

So far nothing. I need to have my coworkers use it and also set up my personal email. I think I have up to 5. It seems easy. I haven’t had the time. They sent an email explaining it but I know I could easily reach out if I can’t figure it out.

What problems is WiseStamp solving and how is that benefiting you?

Driving our clients and potential clients to our social media where we have much more of your portfolio of work on display.

Someone manages our website so it seems too much to have them update it with new pictures of finished projects so I add them to social media instead. So now, in my email, I can say “Click the links below you see more of my work”

Llana Melissa
Online Instructor | United States
“Wise Signatures”
Overall: I didn’t have a professional-looking email signature until I discovered Wise Stamp. My emails took a step up now!
Pros: What I like most about this software is it is easy to navigate. I am fully guided as to what information I can add in my signature and there’s a ready template I can use too.
Kit S
Directory of Technology | United States
“Sign with style”
Overall: Now that social media marketing plays an important role in the industry, one way to make our communications via email to stand out is to use customizeable signatures. I love that WiseStamp adds value to my emails by making it attractive and professional at the same time.
Pros: What I like most about this software is how easy it is for a beginner like me to create professional email signatures. I honestly feel more excited to send emails now that I’ve created a stunning signature!
Cons: I used the free trial first and I hoped for a first try, there would be a way to take off the WiseStamp logo. Maybe there could be an option to compensate for the removal by watching an ad?
Brett B
Professional Training & Coaching | United States

From day one, I have been very impressed and extremely happy with wi stamp. I have been using the software for five years now. I constantly get compliments on my signature and it is also worked many times to help promote campaigns or events that I have going on so it is an absolute win-win win for me!

Simply put, my brand and brand image are very important to me… Being able to customize my signature so that my brand is translated, as well as being able to maximize the opportunity within my messaging is ideal

James S.
James S
Owner | 25 - 50 | United States

“Very clean and appealing”
What do you like best?
This signature block that I got through Wise Stamp works great and it allows people to click on the link to follow to my website or do an application. It works very very well for my business. Thank you
For the purposes of my business using a signature block, the product works great and I find a fault as it pertains to my usage.
I highly recommend using of this product for your business.

Alexys L.
Alexys L
Senior Software Engineer | United States

“Beautiful signature management solution”
What do you like best?
All of the signatures I make with Wisestamp look wonderful and are easy to use. I am not a frontend designer by any means and they always look like a professional designer made them. All for less than $5 a month makes Wisestamp an easy sell. The support is also fast to respond, and the sales team was efficient

They make an easy-to-use a signature builder that is more professional than the competition and has the features that you expect.

Roze F.
Marketing Manager | 25 - 50 | United States

“Great for large teams”
What do you like best?
I love how easy it is to update an email signature across the business. You simply create a new signature and team members just need to refresh their gmail account. THAT’S IT!

sara j
sara j
Sales And Marketing Specialist | 25 - 50 | United States

“More than just signature management”
I love Wisestamp’s pricing structure. It’s cost effective at $2/month/user which means we can cover our entire organization for less than $200/month, which is unheard of for medium sized businesses. Despite the cost, Wisestamp provides a premium experience and excellent support. I’ve had to contact them twice, and they resolved my query in less than one day, both times. Furthermore, the product is extremely easy to use, our non-tech employees are able to effectively use it with no issues.

Dale C
Realtor | United States

it’s wonderful to brand a closing signature. Used this product with Apple Mac Mail, Outlook and Gmail. All work fine, although there were some issues with Outlook for Windows. Found a work around, so as long as the work around is implemented, this is a wonderful product to grow from.
This product really fits into my line of business. Being a business owner and not a graphics designer, I really didn’t have the resources nor the bandwidth to redo my email signatures. Having the responsibility to support various lines of business as well as more than one company, this product allowed me to quickly design and deploy email signatures that look professional, provide information to respond and act as well look attractive to those that support the business. It’s a really great product that is very inexpensive for what it can do and provide to a small to a medium size business.

Samuel T
Digital Marketing Executive | 25 - 50 | United States

“Helps provide a free signature that makes my emails look professional”
Overall: Excellent! It has helped spread my contact alongside every business email I’ve sent so far.

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