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Easily add GIFs to your email signature

Find inspiration and steal ideas from the animated email signature templates below, created with our easy-to-use GIF creator.

Adding GIFs to your email signature 101

How do I add a GIF to my Gmail signature?

There are two main ways to do it. You can create your own GIF using a site like Giphy and then upload it to your WiseStamp signature using our signature maker. Or you can quickly and easily create a GIF in our signature maker. To do that, you simply upload two photos and choose the photo and transition effects you like best. Once you’re done, you can easily add it to your Gmail using Chrome extensions – no coding needed.

How do I add a GIF to my Outlook mobile signature?

Sadly, this is not possible at the moment. We’re emailing Microsoft every week and asking them to add this feature!

How do you make an email footer with a GIF?

WiseStamp allows you to create an effective email footer (email signature) with GIFs within minutes. Simply use the WiseStamp email signature maker to create an email footer.

What size does my signature GIF need to be?

If you are creating your own GIF, we recommend to sizing it 120X120 pixels. If you are creating your GIF using our email signature maker, we automatically make the size 120×120 for you.

How do I create a WiseStamp email signature?

Creating an email signature with WiseStamp is quick, easy and free. Visit our homepage, sign up using Gmail, Facebook or your email address and then use our signature editor to create your signature within minutes.

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