Access to information can give your business a competitive edge. However, it all depends on the time you spend on developing the info into SEO-oriented content!

Many companies would like their information systems to have certain unique properties. Information technologies and custom software development services are designed to solve the problems of increasing efficiency. 

In these conditions, companies should address IT specialists to adapt to the peculiarities of their own production process of existing corporate automation systems or, otherwise, to develop new ones.

Whatever your company is into – whether you have considerable experience in the industry or just starting your business along with your friend, making decisions on software is always stressful. One of the main initial questions is: Is it going to be out-of-the-box or custom software?

The thing is that any businessman is aware of the end result in advance: the best option is the maximum performance and satisfaction of needs.

Simply put, in an ideal world, everyone would order custom software for themselves, rather than buy ready-made solutions. On the web, you can find a lot of solid IT companies, like Develux for example, professionally engaged in the development of such unique corporate information systems.

Such systems are designed to meet all the requirements of their users’ business processes to the fullest extent. However, the concern still remains. What is it based on? Is it the price or development schedule? Is it based on usability? Or maybe it’s all of the above?

Let’s take a closer look at these points, starting from the fact that modern corporate scenarios still dictate the need to develop individual software solutions.

Custom Software Development Services. Why Do You Need It?

Custom software development is the most cost-effective and efficient solution in terms of the individual business process specifics of an organization.

It allows you to get the most out of your business, considering and adjusting all the bottlenecks and unnecessary routine operations.

Custom software development is a wise choice for a large number of jobs in the organization, especially when compared to purchased licenses of “boxed” software.

Custom software development typically includes the following stages:

  • Study of the subject area, pre-project analysis, a thorough study of business processes and business functions to be automated
  • Formulation of recommendations on improvement and optimization of the scheme of business processes, distribution of personnel access and responsibility
  • System design, the definition of development tools, structure, and component composition
  • Software development using a wide range of hardware and operating platforms, DBMS, communication equipment, peripheral devices (payment/communication terminals, etc.)
  • Implementation of the system (incl. staff training)
  • Technical support and software development

As a result, you get your own, exclusive software on a turn-key basis.

In addition, if there are no qualified application administrators among the customer’s personnel.

some companies provide IT outsourcing services as a remote operational administration of the system developed by them.

By the way, at the initial stages of commercial operation of the product, these services are in great demand.

Key application areas:

  • Multifunctional web applications
  • Portal solutions
  • Automation of business processes and document flow
  • Databases, analytical reporting, and expert systems
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)
  • Applications for popular social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.)
  • Development of multi-user apps based on socket and media servers

Custom Software | Pros & Cons

Since individual software is developed for one client, it can be tailored to their specific preferences and expectations.

Customer solutions can be developed in an iterative process that considers all nuances and possible hidden risks, including issues that were not mentioned in the original requirement specification (which is basically never flawless).

In particular, many departments, including marketing, engineering, research and development, and general management may all be involved in the software development process at the initial stage.

When ordering custom software development from a reputable service, your company will receive a product with a number of competitive advantages:

  • Custom software allows you to adapt to customer requests and wishes, as well as successfully implement unique trading and partnership offers
  • Individual software can be configured and integrated with existing enterprise programs, optimizing business operations, and increasing the efficiency of work processes
  • Competently developed high-quality software has functionality defined by specifics of the client company’s activity direction

Custom Software Pros:

  • Has functionality that considers specifics of the organization to increase the competitiveness of its business
  • Can be customizable and integrated with various software products of the organization to improve efficiency and optimize business processes
  • Can implement a unique selling proposition and adapt to customers
list of pros

Custom software cons:

  • The price is higher when compared to existing cloud or “boxed” solutions
  • Specific development time is required. Simple software is created in 3 – 6 months (on average), average complexity software takes 6-12 months, depending on software type, work scope, composition, and experience of team members

Large companies typically use specialized custom software to perform critical functions, including content, inventory, customer, HR management, or, otherwise, to fill gaps in existing software packages. 

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Custom Software | Targets & Results

You should also realize what custom software development can and should achieve before ordering, and even before finding out the cost of custom software development.

Software development is necessary for those organizations and individuals who want to fully control their business, as well as automate and simplify routine workflows.

Using individual software, you will solve a whole list of professional tasks:

  • Emphasizing individuality and indicate the prosperity of your enterprise
  • Increasing the profitability and efficiency of your business
  • Attracting new customers and reintroduce yourself to your regular customers (software for automated newsletters, emails, bonus programs, discounts, etc)
  • Controlling and timely adjusting literally any production operations. You will be able to plan and predict the activity of your enterprise in the most efficient way

High-quality custom software allows you to maintain processing systems and databases in “normal” conditions, keep warehouse records and accounting, and organize electronic document management systems.

When to Consider Software Development Services

The development of custom information systems is a great addition to the implementation of boxed software products, and the role of custom systems is growing every year. 

Development of custom software makes sense in cases when it’s necessary to do the following processes:

  • Create a unique product or service
  • Automate unique business processes of the enterprise
  • Integrate existing systems

Why Order Custom Software Development

Tasks associated with custom software system development occur both in small companies and organizations that have their own large IT departments. Using professional services gives access to a number of opportunities:

  • Keeping your specialists focused on solving current tasks
  • Accurately represent the scope, i.e. visualize budget and terms of the project
  • Reduce risks associated with managing the project, performed by your IT staff
  • Use the accumulated experience of the company’s projects

Custom software can improve your organization’s efficiency in the following situations:

You are in a competitive industry.

Maybe your competitors have already purchased similar software solutions.

Yes, they may have already bought them, too! If you consider a long-term perspective, the only competitive advantage is custom-made software for you alone.

You have plans to expand.

Assuming you are in the business to constantly develop it, a customizable software platform contributes to this growth. Why?

Because it will become whole with your business and also be scalable. The growth process can be greatly simplified, which is especially true for those who work with franchise operations.

Companies that work with foreign clients can take advantage of large, special opportunities. If you plan to sell your business in the end, it will be more valuable with a proprietary software platform.

You are worried about cybersecurity.

Worried about your company’s data privacy? Well, you should. Measures to minimize every risk have to be taken.

One significant advantage of using open-source software is that experts can view the code and solve most security issues.

However, open-source software can become vulnerable to use. So a professional software vendor must identify, fix.

Manage risks in the software through an integrated approach to security management. By combing open-source software with security monitoring you can protect against unauthorized access.

You depend on other software platforms.

If your business depends on other platforms and programs, the probability that the finished product will fully comply with them all is quite small.

In the long term, due to the fact that these platforms, programs, and plugins are updated, the chances tend to zero at all.

Everything can work fine during the year and then stun you in one go. And it will stun you good. At best, it will reduce your efficiency, but the possible impact on the client can be much more deplorable.

The only way to ensure that there are no errors between existing software and updates is to develop a custom platform that is initially set up to adapt where and when needed.

The cost and time function of software development

The strongest arguments against custom software development are cost and time. The quality and availability of open-source software continue to grow, we hope in the future there will be more development, that the time consumed will be lessened.

Today’s organizations, both large and small, mostly order open-source software development for their user needs. One of its additional benefits is an increased customer base. Need an example? Netflix only charges $9 for their Basic plan and still has a good profit. How?

It’s simple: they have everything running on open source software! Netflix focuses on content and services, not on technical details that programmers decide.

Custom Software Development Process

Regardless of the scale and type of activity, custom software creation will take place in several stages:

  • Preparatory work is carried out, defining the requirements to which the final result will correspond. This includes the study and analysis of the market sector, competitors, and customer requirements.
  • The work is then taken up by a team of design experts and navigation/coding specialists.
  • The final stage implies software development result testing and implementation of the software in the automation system of the company.
  • Upon development completion, the contractor issues a package of documents, confirming software ownership and including descriptions of each phase of creation.

The development of individual software is an effective tool in the implementation of any business project. However, constant performance evaluation, updating, and implementation of new features are essential.

Things to Consider Before Placing an Order

If you are looking for high-quality products and the most favorable terms and conditions, opt only for experienced software developers from reputable and reliable firms.

Take your time! No matter what company you choose, pay special attention to some of their previous projects, warranties, fees, and read customer reviews before ordering the services. 

The development process must be transparent, and the product itself must be unique and meet all your requirements. Reputable customer software development services or offshore development services, if you want to save the budget and outsource the project, should be ready to solve even the most complex development tasks.


The demand for developer services is also generated by those who want to strengthen cybersecurity.

Protecting information becomes as important as its proper storage. The total number of incidents (data and money theft from accounts) has been growing over the past few years.

The conscious need to counter such attacks forces organizations to look for and apply the latest protection tools and, ultimately, encourages the development of appropriate custom software.

Successful software development means finding the best ratio between development costs and quality of results.