Nearly all businesses, large and small, rely on email for internal and external communication. After all, email is a powerful tool for marketing and operations. But according to a recent report, email is also a huge security risk that makes your business vulnerable to phishing attacks. What is an email phishing attack and why is it a security risk?

A phishing attack is like a trojan horse in email form. It appears to be a relevant email that requires your or your employees’ attention and response, but it’s actually a trap that phishers (or hackers) use to solicit sensitive information about your business, for example, financial information or data on your customer base. It can also be an attempt to merely infect your IT (information technology) with malware. 

How can you prevent this kind of email attack and reduce your security risk? First, you need to be aware of the risk itself and potential cost to your business. The infographic below really shows the scope of email attacks on businesses. Share this information with your Systems Administrator or whoever is in charge of securing your business’ email system. If you don’t have anyone in charge of your email’s security, consult with an email security expert or service to assess your vulnerabilities and security needs. 


email security risk


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