Mobile phones have become an extension of our lives, which is an understatement. Most of us use several different applications daily. Whether it’s for work, to make payments, or for entertainment.

The number of mobile phone users has been rising due to the ever-increasing number of users sonce the pandemic. . There are Approx 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide. With the advent of digitalization, everything is going digital, including business. So startups and enterprises must-have mobile apps.

As online activity gradually moved to mobile devices, mobile apps have become a vital marketing tool for SMEs. Having an online presence is not sufficient, as SME marketing relies heavily on mobile applications. Therefore, we would not be wrong in stating that mobile apps have become more of a necessity than an option in the digital era.

Short answer

SME meaning?

Small-to-medium enterprises are businesses or other organizations that have a number of employees less than 500.
The term SME is convenient to segment businesses and other organizations into two categories: microenterprises and small- to medium-sized enterprises.

So are you a startup geek? 

Do you often look at other startups and wonder how they made it? Are you constantly juggling between ideas and waiting for that perfect moment to turn them into a reality? 

So, if you have come across these eureka moments and are now thinking about who to hire for the finest app development you are on the right page. Since the world is going digital and screening time is increasing, startups or even small businesses leverage mobility solutions to stand tall in the market. 

Before discussing top app development companies, don’t you think we should look at some fascinating app usage and its market statistics? Let’s start. 

Fascinating app statistics you can’t overlook

Since the stay-at-home economy boomed in 2020 and 2021, mobile app downloads have dramatically increased, making the app industry one of the most lucrative business opportunities. According to industry experts, the mobile software industry is considered one of the most innovative and progressive industries on the planet. Nevertheless, it is not without its challenges. following is an infographic with the most popular US apps.

Apps Americans Cant Live Without

Photo by statista

In addition to providing entertainment, mobile apps provide numerous conveniences, and for those with the right idea can also be a lucrative business. Mobile app development has emerged as one of the most promising sectors. From video games to banking and rideshare apps.

Here’s a list of some jaw-dropping statistics that demonstrate how much time, money, and resources are involved in the world of mobile apps. 

Mobile App development stats that are still relevant in 2022 

app download statistics

1. App downloads are growing 

Statista reports that in 2020, users worldwide will have downloaded 218 billion apps compared to 204 billion in 2019. More apps have been downloaded every year in the last decade, and the trend is not slowing down any time soon.

Probably you keep downloading and deleting apps from your smartphone frequently. Mobile apps for taxis, food delivery, utilities, mobile shopping, networking, social media, e-commerce, and payments – all of these come and go, but one should not forget these are hot app categories. 

2. Startups that had an App got more funding in 2020

Investors believe that the app was really the deal-sealer for them. However, they also admit that if a startup is willing to put money and resources into developing mobility solutions, they will also put the same amount of effort into generating a profit. App also helps startups to deliver exceptional customer service and keep them engaged with business affairs. 

3. App downloads surged as a result of the COVID pandemic, and so did consumer spending.

There was chaos when the pandemic first hit.

As a consequence of the lockdowns, app downloads soared to 218 billion worldwide downloads in 2020, increasing nearly 100%. In the first quarter alone, customers spent $50 billion on apps. Educational and entertainment apps facilitated this increase.

4. Food and home delivery startups doubled their revenue in 2020

Because of the pandemic, food delivery apps touched a revenue growth of 105% in 2020-2021. Moreover, during the Covid-19 outbreak, grocery delivery apps were downloaded more often in the US. For instance, Walmart Grocery surged 160%, Instacart surged 218%, and Shipt surged 124% on March 15. 

Take advantage of the fact that people can easily use mobile apps. Your customers are more likely to talk to you on their smartphones today than on other devices. As a result, mobile apps are important to growing your business. If you want to stay competitive, no matter what size of business you have, you need an app. 

How to choose a mobile app development company?

There are many app development companies out there. Which should you choose? We have handpicked a list of highly competent app development companies that provide your startup with a cutting-edge app solution, at pocket-friendly prices. 

Top 7 app development companies for your startup

App development is the latest trend for many companies. However, due to the number of mobile app development companies on the rise, finding the best in the world can be challenging. Using this guide, you will be able to determine which ones are the best mobile app development companies globally by getting all the necessary details.

This list will help you to figure out which mobile app development company is best for your business.

1. Elluminati Inc

Elluminati Inc is the top app development company, with a team of 100+ developers, the company provides web and app development services. 

Since 2012, the company has provided full product delivery and team augmentation services to startups, well-established organizations, and other enterprises. Every year, they developed hundreds of apps for clients in industries such as financial services, eCommerce, on-demand, education, and many more. 

elluminati mobile app dev company

2. Inovateus

In order to accelerate the delivery of innovative products, INovateus provides IT services that help increase operational efficiency and shorten the time to market for enterprises. Among their services are guidance on selecting the optimal technology stack and training, developing complex enterprise-grade solutions, and integrating and migrating legacy systems.

3. Sparx IT Solutions

App development company Sparx IT Solutions is one of the best service providers. Being the top mobile app company, this company develops apps for iPhone and Android. Their mobile app development services include iOS, Android, and hybrid applications.

4. Appnovation

Appnovation specializes in creating custom mobile apps for many different businesses and is well known for its development of mobile apps. Irrespective of the size and company, this top mobile app development firm focuses on building mobile app solutions that solve a variety of business challenges.

Appnovation custom mobile application

5. Arka Softwares

Among mobile development companies, Arka Softwares has the greatest flexibility. It is known for its complete range of mobile app development services, including design, UI/UX, deployment on the cloud, testing, etc. So whether you require cross-platform or iOS application development, the company delivers the best results. 

Arka Softwares

6. BluEnt

In order to help startups, entrepreneurs, and visionaries build great products on mobile platforms, BluEnt is an innovative app development agency set up by industry experts. Over 120 team members, including designers, developers, and business analysts, cultivate great mobile products loved by millions.



As a market leader, Zazz takes pride in implementing, improving, and investing in cutting-edge technologies, smooth business practices, and creative talent that can assist and scale the vision of their clients. For hundreds of startups with venture capital backing, governmental organizations, and Fortune 500 firms, Zazz architected and maintained digital solutions.

zazz mobile app dev company

Choose the best company that gives wings to your startup

People enjoy using mobile apps because they are easy and convenient. Today, more customers are likely to access your website from their smartphones than from any other type of computer. As a result, your business can grow considerably through mobile apps. Regardless of its size, any business needs an app to remain competitive.

To conclude

As a startup owner, one of the most important steps is choosing the right app development company that meets your business standards and leads you to success.