We have some exciting news – our Gmail signature generator is now easier to add and more robust across different browsers.

Who is affects: Users who add WiseStamp’s email signature in Gmail.

What it does: It makes the WiseStamp email signatures better, by injecting the signature directly into the Gmail signature settings using an API. Previously, you needed to add WiseStamp’s extension (You can still add the extension, but you don’t have to).

If you’re using our dynamic apps – and you definitely should! – don’t worry, they obviously work in the new flow. And yes, you can still set the signature not to show in reply emails.

How it works:

Option A >> Signup with Google

When you sign up as a new user, you can signup with Google to create the account, as seen here:


After that, proceed to create and customize your signature. Then, click save changes, and then a pop-up will ask you which mail program you’re using.

Select Gmail, and you will see a pop-up saying the signature is ready and assigned to the email address you had used for the G connect.

Refresh your Gmail – and the signature is already there!

Option B >>  Everyone else

You can also sign up for a WiseStamp account with an email or Facebook.

In this case, you continue to create and customize your signature. Then, save it and then a pop-up will ask you which mail program you’re using. When you click Gmail, a message will prompt you to connect with Google.

Once you connect with Google, the page will refresh and you will see that your signature has been assigned to whichever email you had used for the G connect.

Now, refresh your Gmail and you will see the signature with a new email!


More than one signature or account:

The no extension flow only allows for a single signature, with a single email address. So if you want two or more signatures with your email address – a popular PRO feature – or if you want signatures for multiple accounts, you will need the WiseStamp extension.

How to get it? That’s easy: Once you go into the signature settings to assign the new signature to your email, you will be promoted to add the extension. Once the extension is added, it takes over. The Gmail for the Google connect will no longer have the WiseStamp signature in the Gmail signature settings.

If you cannot see the signature in your emails:

[1] Make sure the email being used is the Google connect email! The signature will only work with the same email used for this process. If you want it with a different email address, you will need to add the extension.

[2] If it is the correct email, check the Gmail signature settings to make sure there is a signature in there.
>> If there is a signature in there, as seen here, just refresh the Gmail inbox

>> If there is no signature in the settings, contact our support.

That’s about it – let us know how you feel about the new flow!