Got yourself an invite to the new socially savvy web browser RockMelt? – Lucky you! RockMelt is a great social browser but WiseStamp RockMelt extensions can make it even better and it is already live for you to use! how cool is that?! All you have to do is Install WiseStamp RockMelt Extension to your RockMelt Browser. It is super simple – just click on this Download button:

RockMelt Download WiseStamp Rock Melt Extensions

And hey, please help us spread the word about WiseStamp for RockMelt – Tweet about it, post it in Facebook this is what RockMelt social browser is all about! Check out our video demo to learn How to Install WiseStamp RockMelt Extension check it out!

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2 comments on “When RockMelt meets WiseStamp – A social Extension for a social Browser

  • Good some bad news, mabye i am doing it wrong.

    But i deactive the wisestamp. Because it repeats two time in my email. And even if i deactive it it keeps on sending the wisestamp mail.

    can you help me…

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