WiseStamp for Firefox had a certain feature that all you Chrome lovers asked for – RSS feeds.

Now you can get it on Chrome! You can add the latest news from your website, latest blog post, daily quotes, status from your social profiles etc.  in every email you send! Check out other cool ideas here.

How do I add an RSS feed to my WiseStamp in Chrome?

Follow the instructions or watch the video

1. Open the WiseStamp editor, click on the RSS tab.

2. Click on the RSS icon and then on “add to signature”. A pop up will open up.

3. Change (or keep) the title and insert the URL of the desired RSS feed. How do you find the RSSfeed?

4. Many sites and blogs have the orange RSS feed icon. Simply click on the icon, copy the address (URL) and paste it in the pop-up in the editor.
That’s it!

And a special bonus – you can add as many Feeds as you like!!

One comment on “RSS feeds for Chrome Extention!

  • I love this feature. Was indeed waiting for it and started using it a few day ago.
    Sharing from my blog as well as latest google reader shared item.
    Wonder how can I get Analytics that show me whether people are clicking.
    And wish had randomized rss feed to expose to multitude of content not just latest.
    Keep up the good work!

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