The 14 Best Online Tools All Educational Administrators Should be Using

The right digital tools can help your administrative team stay organized, connect with students, parent and alumni and even add a little pizzazz to your school

online tools for educational institutions

The right digital tools can help your administrative team stay organized, connect with students, parent and alumni and even add a little pizzazz to your school decor.

These 14 tools are some of  my favorites so give them a try and discover how much time you can be saving.

Google Apps for Education

Google steps ups their regular suite of productivity tools with a special collection of free services geared especially for educational institutions. With Google Classroom teachers can create and collect assignments paperlessly, as well of keep track of which assignments have been turned in, and provide feedback to students on their work. Students can keep track of what’s due on the Assignments page and begin working with just a click.

Additional tools offered by Google Apps for Education include:

  • Professional email accounts that use the schools’ domain.
  • Shared access to Drive, Calendars, Docs, and more.
  • The ability to save and share documents in Drive.
  • A calendar that can be updated and shared with all of the school staff.
  • Additional storage across Gmail and Drive.


Google Apps for Education


This is a great free tool that helps you get organized and record quick notes or ideas, at any time and from any device.




WiseStamp for Business 

Using WiseStamp’s team solution for Google Apps you can centrally manage your administrative staff and teachers’ email signatures from one dashboard. You can ensure total compliance over your institution’s email signatures by updating all them in seconds.



For storing and sharing documents and images.






With chalk, teachers no longer need to worry about permission slips being left in their students desks or backpacks, because it’s all digital. Chalk converts any document into a form that can be filled out and signed online. The forms can also be tracked so that teaches can see which forms have been signed.





Yes, some people still send faxes. With HelloFax you can conveniently send and receive faxes online.


Permission clicks

Create notes and permission slips that be digitally approved by the administration, and signed by parents. If a trip requires a payment, these can be made online by the parents. Instant notification is sent to teachers for each signed form.






Easily upload and convert your document into any one of the 50 file conversion options. Cometodocs also offers users 2GB of storage for free.


Use this app for your next conference call. It’s free and easy and you don’t need a pin number. It’s such a well-thought-out app, that you’ll never need to ask “who joined? or “who said that?”





Make it easy for alumni to stay in touch, with this simple to use networking platform. Each school receives it’s own branded platform that makes use of social networks to find alumni, keep track of contacts and maximize donations.




Trying to arrange a meeting that involves several people is a time-sucking hassle. Use Doodle to make scheduling simple.



Create attractive flyers and posters for your school with this tool that includes over 70 different templates.





Flipboard is a popular tool for creating personalized online magazines, and is a wonderful resource for budget-aware non-profits. You can create an online magazine to highlight and promote your cause in a beautiful, visual way.


For creating beautiful infographics and charts for the classroom.





Which essential online tools does your educational institute use?