WiseStamp Features

Email signature manager features

G suite

G Suite & Office 365 Integration

WiseStamp is integrated into your Google Apps and Office 365. WiseStamp is a cloud-based solution with a state of the art computer software solutions for Outlook desktop.

Brand & Unify Employee Signatures

Company Signature Unification

  • Set a consistent signature throughout the company emails
  • Employees can’t change/disable it
  • Segment signatures by department/location /role etc

Central Management

Central Signature Management

  • Have full control over the look & feel of your signature from a central panel
  • Manage users – exclude or include team members from using signature with a click
  • Invite new employees to use the signature or Activate them yourself

Professional Templates

Easy Design & Setup

Designing your signature is simple and easy. Real easy. No technical knowledge is required. Use pre-made professional templates or design a custom template according to your needs

Quick & Reliable Support

Get quick, reliable and readily available support from your account manager. We’ll be happy to jump on a call, send you an email or walk you through anything at all times

Campaign Tracking In GA

Integrate your Google Analytics. Use metrics to make your campaigns and interactions more effective and worthwhile.


Email signature generator features


Customize your email signature in one easy click

Easy setup and customization. No design or technical know-how needed


Add Social Media icons to increase your presence

Drive eyeballs to your Social Media channels with every email sent


Add Instagram photos to your email interactions

Drive eyeballs to your Social Media channels with every email sent


Increase number of followers and expose more people to your art

Choose from a variety of professional templates to make your brand shine


Add a LinkedIn button or icon to interact with colleagues and clients

Adding a powerful LinkedIn call to action can significantly increase your professional network


Add a legal disclaimer to make your emails compliant. Use a pre-made or custom disclaimer


Adding a photo of yourself makes emails more personal and effective or add a logo for the classic look & feel

social media status

Automatically share your latest Tweet or Facebook post

Make every email you send up to date with your latest Social media status


Encourage your recipients not to print your emails and help protect the environment



Increase engagement with Social updates or your latest Blog post

Our assortment of dynamic Email Apps enables you to keep your signature current and engaging


Promote your YouTube channel & videos in your email

Add a Youtube video to your signature or a button to drive subscribers to your Youtube channel


Support for every major platform and across devices

You can use your WiseStamp signature on all your devices and across all your mail platforms

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