Integrates with all leading platforms

No matter which email platform you use, we have a WiseStamp solution for you. Every email you send will be on-brand and sleek.

wisestamp integration with every email platform

Designed for every email

WiseStamp easily integrates with every major email platform. With our variety of advanced technological solutions, sending emails with a branded signature was never more easy.

Connect with Google and Gsuite

WiseStamp fully integrates with Google and Google Workplace, so you can send any email with a WiseStamp email signature.


API Connections

Fully compatible with Gmail and GSuite


Chrome extension

Free email signature extension with advanced features

wisestamp integration with Gmail

Set up with Outlook

WiseStamp’s email signature editor and manager work on all type of Outlook services.


Exchange solution

Your Exchange Server is configured to route emails through a Stamping Service software (which can be installed on your own machines or hosted by WiseStamp).
The Stamping Service synchronizes with WiseStamp servers and fetches all relevant signature and user data.


Office 365

WiseStamp Email Signatures Manager for outlook 365 is a cloud-based software solution. A web add-on is deployed by the organization’s IT department to all users using Outlook 365 either on web or as a desktop client.

wisestamp integration with Outlook on every device

MacMail & iPhone users

WiseStamp can be added to Apple solutions like MacMail and iPhone.



Include your signature in your MacMail signature



Add your signature to your iPhone by using the iOS Mail app


wisestamp integration with iphone

WiseStamp also works with all other platforms

In just a few clicks, you can add your signature to whichever email provider you use.

Signature icon

Create the signature

Design your professional and branded signature in the WiseStamp email signature generator.

HTML icon

Grab HTML code

Copy the HTML code to manually and paste it for a responsive signature in your email.


Which email platforms do you integrate with?

WiseStamp integrates with all major email platforms. While Google accounts and Outlook services are the most popular, we support most email providers. Learn more here.

Are WiseStamp’s designs compatible with all email platforms?

Of course! Not only do we integrate with all major email platforms, our mission is for everyone to have the most professional and beautifully designed signature in every email sent.

Can I use WiseStamp on Android?

Unfortunately at this time, the only mobile device that supports WiseStamp is iPhone.

Do you use any 3rd parties?

WiseStamp never uses 3rd-party software. We do not access, and will never access or have any view into, your company emails.

My company uses Outlook. Do you integrate with the desktop app?

We do! We offer the desktop app for both PC and Mac computers.

Do animations make my email heavier?

None of the basic design features will make your emails heavier. However, if you add a Styled Signoff or use a GIF as your photo or logo, these elements can cause an email to be slightly heavier, but will not create a difference to your email weight.

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