Connect to your social channels

It’s easy to connect on social media. It’s even easier through your WiseStamp email signature with direct links to your profile or company pages.

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Make more social connections

With WiseStamp’s social media features and add ons, make your email signature the easiest way to connect with anyone.


Social icons

Send people directly to your social profiles by clicking on a designated icon.


Dynamic apps

Exchange the icons above for unique social buttons. You choose the messaging for each badge.
Connect to your Instagram page to feature a gallery of your latest posts, or include a playlist or video directly from YouTube.

wisestamp signature in mobile connection


Style your icons by shape and size.


Choose from 3 shading options:

wisestamp icon style options


Keep each icon as its original color or choose to color coordinate and match the template color.

wisestamp color picker

Arrange icon order

Decide the order that your social channels appear. Choose from 40+ options.

wisestamp social icons

Custom buttons

Use buttons with messaging to drive connections on social media. Pick between 3 available messages per channel.

wisestamp social badges

Social apps

Connect to your Instagram account or link to a YouTube video or playlist to highlight your most recent or best visual content.

wisestamp instagram feed


Which social media icons do you offer?

We offer over 40 different icons for you to choose from, and if your preferred channel is missing, you can upload your own icon.

Why add my social media profiles to connect with people when I already have their email?

Having someone’s email address is a great way to communicate privately, but connecting with colleagues, prospects, and clients is another excellent way to stay up to date with personal and professional achievements, announcements, and interests.

Is it possible to pick and choose which channels I want to use?

Definitely. You can choose to use any number and combination of social media channels in your signature. Alternatively, you’re not required to use any if it doesn’t fit with your need.

Can I add pictures from my Instagram account to my signature?

It’s possible to feature your most recent posts from Instagram by heading to the Instagram gallery and simply connecting your Instagram account.

Can I change the social media icons?

You can upload your own social media icons, as well as choose from different badges with unique CTA messaging for some of the top social media channels.

Is it possible to add a Vimeo link instead of a YouTube link?

Unfortunately at this time we only support YouTube videos, but we’re always working on updates!

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