Easily manage your team’s signatures

Companies can create unified, professional, and on-brand email signatures for all employees with the WiseStamp solution.

wisestamp managment on an ipad

Unify your brand across all employees’ signatures

No matter how many employees you have in your company, WiseStamp enables you to manage all your company emails from one spot, using a centralized management system.

A management system that’s easy to use

Take control over your employee signatures so that only on-brand, professional, and unified signatures are sent from your company’s email domain.

wisestamp central dashboard

Central dashboard

Maintain full control of your company’s email signatures in one place. Include or exclude certain users, invite and activate new employees, and carry out general signature management.


wisestamp one time integration

One-time integration

A cloud-based solution, there is no technical knowledge required to integrate WiseStamp into Google and Office 365.


wisestamp design feature

Design your signatures

Prepare email signatures for every email your company sends with designs that are unique to your brand and voice.


wisestamp cross company campaign

Cross-company campaigns

With specialized banners, buttons, and add ons, you can promote and deliver your brand & message need, and utilize free digital real estate in your email signature to echo and strengthen marketing campaigns.


wisestamp user permissions

Define user permissions

Assign specific permissions to different roles in the company and what they can control within their signature.


wisestamp consistency in every email

Ensure consistency in every email

Each email sent will have an on-brand and professional signature that represents the company and the individual.


Set your signatures’ rules

Create different signatures for different needs, such as for External/Internal emails only, for Reply emails, or based on department, and send the right signature to the right audience using advanced email signature server-side rules.


How long does the set up take?

WiseStamp can be up and running in a matter of minutes. It is quick to deploy, with one-time setup, and requires no maintenance. We offer advanced segmentation that enables multiple signatures per department or group, and the simple-to-use design editor allows each department to edit and control their signatures. And, if you want to let users edit their own signatures, you can also define specific user permissions.

Can I use the manager tool if I have fewer than 10 employees?

Absolutely. There is no minimum number of employees needed in order to use our centralized management system.

Can the management system support a company with over 1,000 employees?

Yes, our management system can provide large enterprises and their employees’ signatures.

I’m the system administrator. How do I notify new employees of their signature?

For Google and Office 365, you can choose the auto-enable option, which means that the user is automatically added to the system when the API discovers a new user on the company domain list. This option does not require an invitation to be sent to the new employee by the administrator. Otherwise, you can choose to enable the signature and send the invite, which means that the new employee activates the app and adds his/her personal details.

Are WiseStamp’s designs compatible with all email platforms?

Of course! Not only do we integrate with all major email platforms, our mission is for everyone to have the most professional and beautifully designed signature in every email sent.

Do you intercept emails as they are sent in order to add the email signature?

Absolutely not. WiseStamp does not receive, intercept, access, or read any of your company emails. We simply write HTML code directly into your email signature settings.