Email signature management solution for construction & architecture

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Email signature management solutions for the construction industry

Unified control dashboard

Ensure email compliance 

Promote your projects

Announce job opportunities

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Build your reputation in every email

Your teams’ email interactions with clients accompany every project your company does from start to finish, leaving a memorable impression. Take control of all your teams’ email signatures, guarantee their consistency and compliance, and promote your company, projects, and services every time.

One simple dashboard for all teams

Managing email signatures for multiple projects and teams is easy with WiseStamp, requiring no coding or technical know-how. A unified dashboard allows you to control every aspect of your email signatures in one place, from onboarding new employees to frequent signature updates.

Put an end to compliance worries

Staying compliant with industry regulations is paramount in the construction business, and this is true in your online communications as it is on the job site. The right email disclaimer in your signatures will save you a lot of trouble in the future, which makes our unified email signature solution a necessary part of your toolbox.

Promote your projects and reputation 

Highlight your ongoing and completed projects in your email signatures with eye-catching image galleries and videos, providing instant visibility to clients and partners. Proudly display your industry badges and awards in every email, showcasing your credibility and commitment to excellence.

Hire directly from your emails

Your projects constantly need more skilled and experienced hands? A prominent ‘We Are Hiring’ button at the bottom of every email signature simplifies your hiring process and quickly attracts more candidates by making it easy for everyone to notice your work and engage.

Email signature management solutions for the construction industry
Email signature management solutions

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Build a cohesive team

Working with many different units spread across various locations, having everyone aligned with your company’s image is vital for effective collaboration. A company-wide email signature makes sure that all teams, regardless of their project, stay connected and engaged with your business, fostering a sense of unity across your organization.

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