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Ease of use 4.7
Customer Support 4.8
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Brett L.
Marketing Director | 25 - 50 | United States

“A wise move for your emails”
What do you like best?
Super easy to set up and has some very cool features. The support team was also responsive when I needed some help.

What do you dislike?
I don’t dislike anything. The main dashboard is quite simple, and there may be an opportunity to add more features to the dashboard, but that is not a dislike.

David W
Co-Owner | 25 - 50 | United States

“Great product and very easy to set up.”
What do you like best?
The most helpful thing is the Step by Step instructions.

What do you dislike?
Very difficult to get it to work on mobile phones.
Recommendations to others considering the product:
A great tool to brand yourself or your business.
What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?
Being able to brand my business.

sean reviews wisestamp
Sean H
Realtor | 25 - 50 | United States

“Easiest way to make a signature”
What do you like best?
Simplistic process to create and looks sharp
What do you dislike?
There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the product
What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?
An easy way to create a signature

Caroline P
Community Advocate | 25 - 50 | United States

What do you like best?
The ease of using the program and its edit options.

Joelle G
Realtor | 25 - 50 | United States

“WiseStamp is the Way to Go”

My signature looks great and the site is easy to use.

James S.
James S
Owner | 25 - 50 | United States

“Very clean and appealing”
What do you like best?
This signature block that I got through Wise Stamp works great and it allows people to click on the link to follow to my website or do an application. It works very very well for my business. Thank you
For the purposes of my business using a signature block, the product works great and I find a fault as it pertains to my usage.
I highly recommend using of this product for your business.

India L.
India L
Realtor | 25 - 50 | United States

“Quick, Reliable, Quality!”
I love how all I did was attach my Gmail account, then next thing you know, I had a new, funky email signature!
I do not dislike anything so far. I am satisfied with my experience.

Adrianna H
Online Marketing and Business Strategist | 25 - 50 | United States

“Simple and pretty email signatures that anyone can create.”
What do you like best?
Super simple to plugin info, add to email and go.
i Was able to put up a pretty and stylish email signature very fast and keep moving on to more tasks without contacting someone techier or having to play with my email settings, formatting, designing, etc.

Karen T
Classifieds Sales Manager | 25 - 50 | United States

“So much fun!”
What do you like best?
It’s so simple to create a signature! Just follow the steps, upload your photo/logo and you’re on your way.
I’m saving time and looking professional by using WiseStamp.

Roze F.
Marketing Manager | 25 - 50 | United States

“Great for large teams”
What do you like best?
I love how easy it is to update an email signature across the business. You simply create a new signature and team members just need to refresh their gmail account. THAT’S IT!

sara j
sara j
Sales And Marketing Specialist | 25 - 50 | United States

“More than just signature management”
I love Wisestamp’s pricing structure. It’s cost effective at $2/month/user which means we can cover our entire organization for less than $200/month, which is unheard of for medium sized businesses. Despite the cost, Wisestamp provides a premium experience and excellent support. I’ve had to contact them twice, and they resolved my query in less than one day, both times. Furthermore, the product is extremely easy to use, our non-tech employees are able to effectively use it with no issues.

Francesco A
Marketing and Advertising | 25 - 50 | italy

Se vuoi rendere la firma più piacevole e personalizzarla un po’, ti consiglio di usare Wisestamp.

Con questo tool puoi creare una firma personalizzata molto carina, con il logo o una tua foto, tutti i tuoi contatti, i pulsanti social e anche delle call to action, come il Follow me on Twitter o il Connettiti con me di Linkedin.

Samuel T
Digital Marketing Executive | 25 - 50 | United States

“Helps provide a free signature that makes my emails look professional”
Overall: Excellent! It has helped spread my contact alongside every business email I’ve sent so far.

Craig M. J
Managing Member / Owner | 25 - 50 | United States

“Love my signatures from WiseStamp!”
Great looking, and professional, signatures!
When I found WiseStamp, I fell in love! Gmail is very limited in terms of what you can do with your signatures, WiseStamp creates beautiful signatures and it is very easy for you to compose these!

Jared D
Computer Software | 25 - 50 | United States

Our team was able to all have consistent messaging using our email signatures and also drove traffic to our website.

Wisestamp allows you to quickly create a professional signature for your entire team. You can add social media links, upload a photo and customize the look to fit your brand.

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