Women’s Day email signature banners​

Select one of our beautifully designed women’s day banners, made just for you! Add it to your email signature with a few simple clicks!

Women's Day email signature

Women’s Day email signature banners

Click a signature banner to add it to your email signature

Stand by a cause you believe in and let your customer know! Happy international women’s day!

We’ve made it super fun and easy for you to celebrate international women’s day 2021. Stand proud by simply choosing one of our professionally designed women’s day banners & add it to your email signature in a few clicks.

Learn how to add a banner to your emails, click here. 

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women's day feminist email signature with quote and banner


How to create a themed email signature?

You can create a themed email signature in less than 5 minutes with WiseStamp’s email signature generator. You can choose to upload your custom-made banner to your signature or add one of our specially designed Women’s day banners that you see on this page.

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What are the copyrights for use?

We’ve designed these banners for our clients to use free of charge with a Pro subscription. You can use them freely in all your email signatures through the WiseStamp email signature generator.

What is the recommended image size for making a GIF banner?

If you’d like to upload your own images to create a themed GIF, we recommend using banners that are 500 X 120 pixels.

How to add a banner to my email signature?

Visit the WiseStamp signature generator. Go to “Apps” and choose the “Upload banner” app. From there, upload a banner from your computer, and it will be added to your signature. Adjust the size as you like and add a linked URL (optional), hit “Save”, and That’s it!

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