Every email platform—from Outlook to Gmail to Mac Mail (Apple Mail)—is unique. While you can expect all the same basic features from them, you need to be aware of how they differ. If you’re a Mac Mail user, there are ways to epically win and fail with your Mac mail signature. After all, your email signature is a crucial tool for marketing and branding yourself each and every time you send an email; so it’s important to make sure your signature looks its very best.

Here is a checklist of what to do and not do with your email signature on Mac Mail.


1 – Create a visual show-stopper

The average worker gets over 120 emails per day. Yet email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools out there. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Our internal research shows that having a show-stopping email signature boosts email reply rates and engagement by more than 20 percent. The key to creating a great looking signature for Mac Mail is to use a professional template, include a high-quality photo and choose a simple color palette that represents your personal brand or business. With these three elements, you’ll be sure to have an email signature that draws attention.

See how the example below uses a professionally designed template, an accent color to organize and highlight details, and a welcoming headshot to make it more personal. This is a winning example of how to create a visual show-stopping signature!

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2 – Connect your social media

How do you drive email engagement, aka get your recipients to click your email content and learn more about you? It’s simple: Connect your social media channels within your email signature. When creating your email signature (whether from scratch in HTML or with an email signature generator), make sure to add social media icons that link to your social profiles. You can also add call-to-action social media buttons like “Connect with me on LinkedIn” or “Follow me on Instagram.” Connecting your social media in your email signature is a quick and convenient way to grow your following and influence.

Let’s look at Joules Adams signature below as an example. Notice it not only contains hyperlinked social icons to Joules’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but also dynamically displays the latest photos from her Instagram account. Now that is how to promote your social media in your signature!

Jewellery Design Signature Template

3 – Choose a robust mail signature generator

Your emails get forwarded more often than you think. When they do, your signature is pretty much the only brand asset you have, so you never want your email signature to appear broken or unformatted. Make sure your email signature provider has a proven product that is optimized for not only Gmail, Outlook and Mac Mail, but also across as many mail platforms as possible.

4 – Use Chrome when exporting the signature

Done making your email signature? Great! Now it’s time to export it to Mac Mail (which is a lot easier than it sounds!). Mac Mail is a local software – meaning, it is on your computer rather than in the cloud (which is really someone else’s computer). With an email signature maker, you can export your signature seamlessly in one click. Make sure you use the Chrome browser when you export your signature. While Safari, Apple’s native browser, has some cool features, Chrome remains the safer option as you want to make sure nothing got screwed up when exporting things.

Google chrome logo

5 – Assign the signature to a specific email address

In Mac Mail—and this is crucial—you must assign the signature to the specific email address under their Mac Mail settings. If you don’t assign your signature to an email address (even if you only have one email address), you’re not going to have that Mac Mail signature as an option when composing. It will not appear by default; so make sure to assign it!


1 – Don’t overload your signature with calls-to-action

As we mentioned earlier in the “dos,” it’s smart to add buttons like “Follow us on Facebook,” that prompt your email recipients to take an action. However, do not add more than two of these “calls-to-action” within your signature. Remember, less is more. You want to direct your email readers to the most valuable two actions. So, decide whether it’s a link to “Join our newsletter,” “Follow us on Facebook,” or “Shop our sale,” for example. You can always edit your signature to keep the calls-to-action timely and relevant. But stick to no more than two.

2 – Don’t use too many colors

Adding color to your email signature is a great idea. But adding too many colors? That’s a bad idea. A signature in email should reflect your logo’s colors. If you don’t have one, go with the rule of thumb – 2 colors maximum – one main, one secondary. If you’re out of ideas, use this color map as a good way to get started with the psychology of color in logo design:

pasted image 0 17


3 – Don’t use PNG files as images

While PNGs are a common image file type around the web, they do not always work well on email. That is because mail signatures aren’t a webpage. They are an email. That’s why you should choose JPEGs and GIFs over PNGs under almost all email circumstances.

4. Don’t use the wrong font or too many font types

Have you ever received an email with a bunch of strange characters in it or gibberish that looked something like this: ##$%?? That is likely because the sender of the email did not use a web-safe font. A web-safe font is one that will consistently work across all devices and platforms (Apple, PC, iOS, Droid, etc). A major fail is not choosing a web-safe font for your Mac Mail signature, because what looks great on Mac might look terrible on a different type of device.

We recommend choosing one of the following web-safe fonts: Courier, Georgia or Verdana. But choose one of them only! Don’t mix font types, even if each of them is web-safe. It’s distracting a looks less professional as you can see in the “fail” example below.

email signature font


Now make it happen!

There you have the epic wins and fails that will make or break your Mac mail signature. You can go into your Mac mail settings to start creating or editing your signature, or you can use an email signature generator, which is a quick and easy way to making a winning signature and avoid any fails. The sooner you start using a winning signature, the sooner your email reply rates and engagement will experience a significant boost!

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