Since we announced our strategic spin-off from Vcita in January 2024, we’ve been using this pivot well to focus on mid-market and Enterprise companies that could benefit from our email signature management solution.

This was felt at the annual Brand Day conference this April in Tel Aviv, organized by Brand Academy. WiseStamp has earned the endorsement of Brand Academy, thanks to our unique tool that makes creating, deploying, managing, and tracking email signatures a breeze.

Our team included: Danna Horesh, Sales Team Lead, Tomer Magal, VP Sales, Noa Kressel, Project Manager, and Daniel Zweig, VP Marketing.

As our team mingled with the the brand managers, communications leads, and marketing managers of some of Israel’s top companies, “it was impressive to see the amount of professionals who understand the benefits of email signature management,” said Noa Kressel, who was there to answer any and all questions about how our solution actually works. Part of that involved demonstrating the integration and management capabilities of WiseStamp. 

“People were surprised to hear that our solution integrates with not only all the main mail servers and clients, we also integrate with many well-known email platforms, too.” Don’t be fooled, though; Noa might make it sound that easy, but the reality is that WiseStamp’s expert R&D team has worked hard to bring WiseStamp’s solution to this point.

In addition to our booths, we organized a professional photographer to arrive on-sight and offer complementary head shots for attendees. They will be receiving these photographs along with their very own professional email signature that they can start using immediately. 

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that making your signature is fun and easy – but it can be a powerful marketing tool that can make a huge impact on your bottom line,” says Tomer Magal. “Businesses that are smart about leveraging everything at their disposal are the ones that make it big – and having an email signature strategy is part of that.”

So while some businesses expressed interest in our design abilities, and others appreciated the extent to which they could manage their signatures per department, WiseStamp was truly the buzz of the town. 

Want to find out whether WiseStamp’s solution for turning everyday email into a powerful marketing tool is right for you? Sign up to try our professional Email signature creator, or schedule a demo to find out what we have to offer your company.

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