If you’re considering whether or not you need a professional email signature – let me surprise you and say you probably need more than just one. Here’s why: We all change our language and tone based on who we’re emailing and why – and your signature shouldn’t be any different.

If you are a freelancer, self-employed professional, small business owner or entrepreneur, there are many different ‘yous’ that take part in your day-to-day. Likewise, you are also emailing with different types of contacts all the time: new leads, existing customers, partners, and many more.

You might be doing it with full intent or subconsciously – but you are using different tones to give yourself the best chance of winning your next task. And your email signature should represent that. Here are a few tips on how you can change your signature based on your specific email agenda.  

The Interview

We’ve all been there, sending out emails with portfolios and convincing letters as to why we should be the chosen one. No matter the position or line of work, you always want your email to stand out, and your WiseStamp email signature will help you do that.  If your work is visual, use the Instagram app to showcase your latest content. You can also choose from a variety of LinkedIn badges so that the hiring manager can check out your profile in a click! The signature example below uses both the Instagram app and LinkedIn social icon, which is an ideal way to get hiring managers to explore more about you beyond your CV. 

The Conversion

Whether you’re selling a product or providing a service, you are going for the almighty “conversion.” A conversion is when a prospect or customer takes the specific call-to-action that you directed them to. Here are some examples: “Join our newsletter,” “Register for our webinar,” “Download our app,” “Download our e-book.” You can drive conversions with your email signature when appropriate. Simply choose the “Banner” app and customize it to promote the call-to-action you want. Update it as often as needed! See how the signature example below drives conversions with the “newsletter” call-to-action!

The Sale

Much like obtaining a new client, landing sales is what keeps us all in business. WiseStamp has made it easy to showcase your products while maintaining the feel of a professional email signature. You can use our Showcase my eBay/Etsy Store apps for immediate access to your recent products, with dazzling product pictures.  

We also recommend adding a Banner image of your best selling product. This will display as a large picture under your signature, and can be hyperlinked directly to your e-store, product page, checkout page or wherever in the sales funnel you prefer.

Customer Success & Support

After the sale has been made, we all need to make sure to maintain our relationship with clients.

To make sure your clients feel they’re getting the level of service they deserve, ask them to rate their experience with the Give us Feedback app. This will maintain professionalism not only in your email signature but in your level of support as well.

Friends and Family

After all is said and done and your work day is over, there are always emails from friends and family to attend to. And when it comes to your personal network, you don’t want to wear your business “hat” (or your business signature). So, that’s why we recommend creating a “personal” signature. This is a signature that can display what’s going on in your personal life, so you can connect your personal social media pages with the social icons, so that your personal contacts can keep up with your day to day life even if they are not a direct part of it.

Final Thoughts

We all wear many different hats throughout our business day, and just like we don the proper apparel for each role, we should also dress our emails to correspond with the different hats. Whether it’s to pitch a sale or set up a meeting with an existing client, there is always a good reason to include a professional email signature which matches the tone of your email.