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GetWiser January 2024 Edition

In this month’s edition of our poll insights, our main focus was the significant impact of software review websites on consumer purchasing behavior. Our aim was to uncover how these platforms influence the decision-making process and the level of trust consumers place in them.

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Poll Question

We posed the question to our readers: “Do you use review websites before making a purchase?”

This question aimed to gauge the reliance on review websites as a critical step in the consumer’s purchasing journey. Review websites have become ubiquitous, offering insights into products and services through the lens of fellow consumers. They serve as a bridge between the uncertainty of a purchase and the confidence to proceed, based on shared experiences and evaluations.

GetWiser: January 2024 poll results

The response was overwhelming and insightful. An astonishing 87% of participants affirmed that they are browsing through review websites before making a purchase. This significant majority underscores the integral role these platforms play in the modern consumer’s shopping habits. Review sites have evidently transcended being mere sources of information, evolving into essential tools that shape purchasing decisions.

poll results

The poll results highlight a critical aspect of digital consumer behavior. With the vast majority relying on review websites, it’s clear these platforms hold considerable sway over purchasing decisions. This trend reflects a broader shift towards informed consumerism, where decisions are increasingly based on comprehensive research and peer opinions.

For businesses, the implications are clear. Engaging positively with review websites, addressing customer feedback, and maintaining a strong online reputation are no longer optional but essential. Companies must recognize the power of consumer reviews and their potential to influence brand perception and purchasing decisions.

GetWiser February 2024 Edition

In our February 2024 edition of poll insights, we examined the impact of social media on consumer discovery of new products and services. This investigation was crucial for understanding the frequency with which consumers came across new offerings through these digital platforms, reflecting their growing influence on consumer behavior.

Poll Question

We asked our audience a critical question: “How often do you discover new products or services through social media platforms?” This query was designed to evaluate the extent to which social media serves as a channel for discovery in the consumer journey. Given its vast reach and sophisticated targeting capabilities, social media has become a key conduit through which consumers encounter and engage with new products and services.

GetWiser: February 2024 Poll Results

The responses from our audience offered enlightening insights. A significant 21% of respondents revealed they “Always” discovered new products or services through social media, highlighting the substantial role these platforms played in continually introducing consumers to new options.

The majority, 62%, stated they “Sometimes” encountered new products or services on social media. This indicated that while social media was a significant source of discovery, it was part of a diverse array of channels used by consumers.

Interestingly, 17% of the participants reported they “Never” discovered new products or services through social media. This segment, either not using social media for this purpose or relying on alternative discovery methods, illustrated the diversity in consumer habits and preferences.

These results underscored an important facet of digital consumer behavior at that time. For a vast number of users, social media platforms were influential in creating awareness and interest in new products and services. This trend mirrored a wider shift towards digital-centric consumer engagement, where online platforms were increasingly central to the discovery process.

For businesses, the findings underscored the importance of a robust, engaging presence on social media. Companies were compelled to use these platforms not merely for advertising but also to create meaningful interactions and enhance brand visibility. Understanding and capitalizing on social media’s role in consumer discovery was essential for businesses aiming to attract and retain customers in an evolving digital marketplace.

GetWiser March 2024 Edition

In our March 2024 edition of poll insights, we turned our focus to the utilization of link shortener services in digital communication. The prevalence and impact of these services are key to understanding modern online behavior, especially as digital spaces become increasingly interconnected.

Poll Question

We posed a pertinent question to our audience: “Do you use link shortener services?” This inquiry aimed to assess the extent to which these tools are integrated into personal and professional online activities. Link shorteners, known for their ability to condense lengthy URLs into manageable, shareable forms, are often essential in navigating the digital landscape where brevity and simplicity are highly valued.

GetWiser: March 2024 Poll Results

The feedback from our participants paints a vivid picture of the current trends in the use of link shortener services. Almost three-quarters of respondents indicated a “Yes,” demonstrating that a significant majority have integrated these tools into their online routines. This level of uptake suggests that for many, link shorteners are not just a convenience but a near-essential component in managing the brevity and clarity of digital communications.

Conversely, about one quarter of the participants answered “No.” This portion of the audience, though smaller, represents a noteworthy segment that either prefers more traditional methods of sharing links or doesn’t encounter situations where the use of shortened URLs is beneficial.

These results highlight an important aspect of modern digital behavior: the emphasis on efficiency and simplicity. The widespread use of link shorteners by a considerable majority reflects a broader trend towards more streamlined, user-friendly communication practices online. This shift underscores the importance for both individuals and businesses to adopt and understand digital tools like link shorteners, which are becoming increasingly central in an ever-evolving online landscape.

GetWiser April 2024 Edition

In our April 2024 edition of poll insights, we explored the methods consumers prefer for learning more about products. This investigation was crucial for understanding the preferences for digital information retrieval, highlighting the choices consumers make in an increasingly digitalized marketplace.

Poll Question

We posed a critical question to our audience: “To learn more about products, do you prefer using QR codes or web search?”. This query aimed to evaluate which digital tool is favored for quick information access about products. QR codes offer a direct, often interactive way to access details, whereas web searches provide a broader range of information and flexibility in exploring product specifics.

GetWiser: April 2024 Poll Results

The feedback from our audience provided enlightening insights into their preferences. A majority of 69% indicated a preference for “Web search,” illustrating that most consumers value the comprehensive and detailed information that search engines offer. This choice suggests that while QR codes are convenient for immediate access, the depth and breadth of details available through web searches make them a more popular option for learning about products.

Conversely, 31% of the respondents preferred “QR codes,” underscoring the significant minority who appreciate the quick and user-friendly nature of QR code technology for obtaining product information. This group likely values the efficiency and the direct engagement that QR codes facilitate, particularly in physical shopping environments or when quick decisions are necessary.

These results underscore an important facet of consumer behavior in the digital age. While a substantial number of users rely on the extensive resources available through web searches, there is a noteworthy portion that favors the immediacy and convenience of QR codes. This trend highlights the need for businesses to offer multiple avenues of information access, catering to the diverse preferences of consumers.

For businesses, these findings highlight the importance of integrating both QR codes and robust online content into their marketing strategies. By understanding and capitalizing on the preferred methods of learning about products, companies can better engage with their customers and enhance their market presence in a competitive digital landscape.

GetWiser May 2024 Edition

In our May 2024 edition of poll insights, we shifted our focus towards understanding consumer preferences in customer support channels. This topic is critical as businesses strive to optimize customer interaction and satisfaction in a digital-first world.

Poll Question

Our question for the audience this month was: “Which do you prefer for receiving customer support?” This question aimed to identify which method—Phone Calls, Live Chat, or Email—consumers prefer when they need assistance, reflecting current trends in customer service technology and strategy.

May 2024 Poll Results

The responses provided insightful perspectives on consumer preferences. Phone Calls were the preferred method for 46% of respondents, underscoring the value of direct and personal communication. Live Chat followed closely with 38%, highlighting its efficiency and accessibility as key factors for its popularity. Meanwhile, Email was preferred by 16% of participants, indicating a significant appreciation for its convenience and the ability to have a documented trail of communication.


These findings illuminate the diverse preferences among consumers, offering valuable guidance for businesses looking to refine their customer support frameworks to meet varying needs.

Looking Ahead: This Month’s Poll

As we continue to explore facets of digital communication, our next poll will investigate the elements that people find most important in an email signature. Participate in this survey and share your preferences with us. Stay tuned for the revealing insights!