The digital world warrants us to stare at screens for a significant amount of time. After staring at the screen all day long, the eyes may feel grating as the night sets. Using the dark mode can help minimize the amount of light hitting the eyes on your desktop or mobile device. There are different ways to use the Gmail dark mode. The exact option also varies based on your device.

What is Dark mode in Gmail

Dark mode in Gmail is a Gmail feature used to change the theme of your background to dark on your desktop or mobile device. Dark mode is used to reduce strain on the eyes when reading emails in dim light, to conserve battery life, or for its aesthetic appeal.

Gmail Dark mode vs dark theme

Dark modeDark theme
Changes the user interface background to a darker shadeChanges the color emitted from the screen to a warmer color
Remains active all day longDesigned for use in the evening and at night

How to set Gmail to dark mode

How to set Gmail to dark mode on a desktop

Note: This method is suitable for PC/ Mac users 

1. “Select the Icon Gear” on the top right-cornor of the Gmail homepage.

dark mode on gmail go to settings

2. Locate “Themes then Click on View All

Dark mode Gmail select theme step 2png

3. “Scroll down and Select the black rectangle”(When you hover your mouse over it, it should say “Dark”).

select dark theme in Gmail to set dark mode

5. “Click on the Save” button.

Dark mode gmail select save

The background should now be black and the inbox area is set to a lighter grey, keep in mind that each message will still have a white background. Your Gmail is now set to dark mode.

Why Gmail dark mode is not working?

There are times when you would prefer your Gmail to appear in dark mode. However, this option may not be apparent for all macOS users.

A few main reasons why your Gmail may not be in dark mode:

I. There is a bug

On very rare occasions, Gmail may not show in dark mode despite you enabling the feature on macOS and the browser because there is a bug. Try to research your problem to find out whether there are any challenges with Google products. That is particularly true if you have been using the feature and it just stopped working on its own.


To wrap up, Dark Theme in Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows provides you an opportunity to have a great viewing experience in low-light environments. It does not matter what the device or OS calls this setting. It does the same thing. When enabled, you can easily read your Gmail emails without stressing your e