Were you able to get yourself a Google Wave beta invite? lucky #%#%… Show off a bit by letting your friends & contacts know about your new Google Wave account, as well as help them easily find and contact you on the Google Wave platform.

Here is the way to share your Google wave contact info in your email signature using WiseStamp:

  1. Install WiseStamp email signature (Firefox addon).
  2. Click on the WiseStamp IM tab and select the Google Wave icon from the IM list (see image below)
  3. Fill in your Google Wave username – it should be in the form of user@googlewave.com
  4. Add a compelling title such as:
    • My Google Wave:
    • Wave to me:
    • Find me on Google Wave:
    • Check out my Google Wave:

Now any outgoing email you send can be used to easily contact you via the Google Wave contact search:

Adding Google Wave username in the WiseStamp ‘IM’ tab:
Sample signatures:

Version 1.2.4

New features:

  • Google Wave icon Added to the IM icon list.


  • Fixed – Feed title issues with the ‘$’ symbol.