Email marketing is still one of the top-performing marketing channels out there. And there is no better time to leverage your email campaign with a holiday newsletter than during the holiday shopping season. After all, holiday retail sales are expected to grow more than 5 percent this year compared to last year and top a record $1.1 trillion.

Optimize your holiday sales by capturing new and existing customers with a winning holiday-themed newsletter. Here are the must-have elements to add to your special holiday email campaign.

1. Animate Your Newsletter With Amazing GIFs

Nowadays it becomes a common thing to make use of GIFs in newsletters. These animated tricks have the power to brighten every message up. You can easily use GIFs from famous TV series and movies. When people see their favorite characters, their hearts melt. You can also add to Christmas-themes GIFs that include snowflakes, bells, reindeer, and the like.

Here is why GIFs are so effective:

  1. Movement always attracts lots of attention
  2. Sometimes it is better to show than tell
  3. Subscribers will definitely decide to look through the whole newsletter
  4. GIFs have stopping-power and stand out from other content

In addition to adding a GIF to your holiday newsletter, you should also add one to your email signature. Email signatures with GIFs improve the reply rate of your emails. If you still haven’t made your Christmas email signature for this New Year’s, hurry up and click the link to make yours in just 2 minutes.

2. Use Call-to-Action Buttons and Banners

We have already mentioned GIFs as a way to cheer your subscribers. You can also take advantage of animated CTA buttons. You can play around with their colors to give them a relevant look.

CTA buttons motivate readers to buy your products. It is obvious that sales and CTA are closely connected. They are something like a bridge between a customer and his or her desire to get some goods. Actually, it does not matter what you want from your subscribers.

Take a look at your blog articles, provide them with updates on assortment or download something. In all of these cases, call-to-action buttons are going to become your best friends.

Furthermore, your readers might have gotten used to CTA. To be honest, they are everywhere these days. When they become interested in something, they can look for the button to click on. In this case, there is no need to confuse people. Just give them what they want.

You can also breathe new life into your messages using animated banners.

Why is it so crucial to make use of banners?

  1. They easily build a recognition of your brand.
  2. They are affordable, effective, and eye-catching.
  3. They boost online traffic and give you high-performing ads.

Here are some ready-made examples for you to look at:

Make it yours
branded holiday email signature with christmas social media icons and banner

3. Do Not Forget to Use Relevant Imagery

Of course, ordinary newsletters include some photography. Anyway, people should understand instantly that your message is connected with Black Friday or Christmas. Without a doubt, you can do it using a subject line. Yet it would be great to use pictures that remind subscribers of these two holidays. Actually, why do people like it when it comes to imagery? Let us run through the most important aspects of this very strategy.

  1. Users often prefer pictures over texts.
  2. Images arouse emotions and draw attention to content.
  3. They create the necessary atmosphere.
  4. Images make your services and products more trustworthy (in other words, they bring them to live on the Internet).
  5. It is possible to tell an exciting story using various pictures.

As an example, we offer you to take a glance at these pleasant illustrations.

Christmas Time – PNG Watercolor SetWish your subscribers Merry Christmas together with this watercolor set. It is perfect for making your newsletters look extremely cheerful and joyful.

instagram logo

4. Image Puzzles to Catch More Attention on your Holidays newsletter

Everyone is in love with images. You are in love with images. Your neighbor is in love with images, too. The previous tip should have made it clear that it is crucial to use high-quality pictures. When you extraordinarily present them, it is even better.

For example, you can create nice-looking image puzzles. Show the best-selling products that each customer admires. Such a visually attractive composition of your goods will give you more sales.

It is a simple example on the top. Do not forget that you should play around with different aspects to make your message look festive. For example, it is possible to work with typography to highlight the most important captions. We have two variants of fonts to give your newsletter a great look. Click on the image to find out more.

5. Take Advantage of Ready-Made Holiday Newsletter Templates

The easiest way to get your newsletter ready is to get a ready-made template. Holidays are all about some surprises. Amaze your subscribers with a marvelous newsletter. Tell people about gifts that you have prepared for them. Tell people about various discounts that are waiting for them on Black Friday. Tell people about cozy gatherings that you want to make on Christmas.

Holiday newsletter templates are easy to manage and customize. It is a very important thing when it comes to the identity of your company. Or, as in our case, to holidays. By the way, make sure that ready-made templates do not have an amateurish and cheap appearance. It is also crucial to say that you do not need to have any programming skills to work with them.

Ready-made newsletter templates already include everything you need. They allow showing off your hottest discounts and congratulate you on your holidays. By the way, we have found some variants for you. Hope that they will be to your liking.

When creating your holiday newsletter concentrate on the following aspects:
  • Discounts – There is great competition among companies in the days of holidays. Draw everyone’s attention to your discounts and special offers. In such a way, people will meet your congratulations with a bigger enthusiasm.
  • Gifts – When it comes to holidays, people start thinking about buying gifts. Make everyone believe that your online store has the best collection of presents. Guide subscribers directly to the necessary categories. Tell them what goods are bought the most for family and friends. Such a thing will definitely gladden all of them.
  • Shopping experience – You can also think of including some additional surprises. As an example, a completely free shipping. That sounds like a great reason to respond to your newsletter with buy some products.

Your holiday newsletter is the best way to arouse interest in your subscribers. Make them believe in miracles together with your message. Tell them about huge discounts on Christmas. In such a way, they will not forget about your sales and special offers. Get ready for these great holidays.

They are just around the corner. We hope that we shared enough information about making your newsletter the best one. We wish you the sweetest holidays and thanks for reading!