Charmin - Humor in Marketing
“If you can get a man to laugh, you can get him to buy toilet paper.”

Even if no Charmin executive ever made this statement (which they probably didn’t, since I just made it up), they certainly live up to it each and every day in their social media marketing.

In fact, Charmin has a history of knowing how to speak to their target audience, which is you, me and everybody else that uses toilet paper.

Ever heard of Mr. Whipple?

Me neither. But if you were a kid during the 1960s and ’70s, you probably heard of him. He was Charmin’s brand hero and he was selling billions of dollars worth of toilet paper.  

In fact according to Luke Sullivan, author of Hey Whipple Squeeze This – “In 1975, a survey listed Whipple’s as the second-most-recognized face in America, right behind that of Richard Nixon.”

Fast forward to 2016. While there’s no more Mr. Whipple, Charmin clearly understands how to use humor across to get you to buy more toilet paper.

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1. Make it Memorable

We love to laugh. Things that make us laugh emotionally engage us and make us feel good which is why we remember them. Here’s what Charmin came up with before the People’s Choice Awards.

2. Make it Shareable

There are many things that make content shareable. Among the most important and perhaps least used, is humor. Humor first and foremost must work well with your brand’s voice. And if you can pull it off, you’ll find that your content will get more shares, likes and comments.  

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3. Make it Likeable

By infusing humor into your marketing efforts, you make your brand more accessible, more understandable and more likeable. Knowing who your target audience is, is of primal importance and being able to reach them using brand wit is an art.

Though he didn’t approve of squeezing toilet paper, it’s safe to say that even the serious Mr. Whipple would approve of using humor to sell your product. 

What are your favorite examples of humor-infused marketing?