LinkedIn is an essential social media platform for professionals and small business owners to be on these days. It has become the go-to place to network with others in your industry and niche and make headway towards your marketing objectives. The more followers and engagement you get on your LinkedIn page, the greater reach you have and the bigger your community will become.

Do you want to know how to get followers on LinkedIn? If so, then you have come to the right place! This article will help you increase your audience on your LinkedIn company page, as well as boost engagement by following a few simple steps.

What is a good number of followers on LinkedIn?

Before we get into how to increase followers on LinkedIn company page, You may wonder what is a good number of followers to have on a LinkedIn page?

That really depends on what your goals are. Truthfully, there is no “good” or an ideal number of followers to strive towards rather focus on the engagement rate per post. LinkedIn calculates unique engagements per post which then decides to shows that post to more people or not.

But for beginners, this may be difficult to do which is why the following tips we will provide in this article will help you to understand exactly how to increase LinkedIn page followers and engagement rates

How to increase followers on LinkedIn company page?

Before you start trying to gain followers on LinkedIn company page, you will have to complete setting up the page itself. This means getting it prepared to be successful and filled out with all of the information others will find to be helpful. Company pages on LinkedIn have been found to enjoy 30% more views when they follow the steps below:

1) Write a solid company description

The company description is where you let your audience know about your vision, mission, and values. You can also write a little bit about the types of products and services you offer. This description should be no longer than 3-4 paragraphs. Keep in mind that on Google search engine results, only the first 156 characters are going to be visible. That means your best keywords should appear at the beginning

2) Upload a high-quality cover photo

If you have used banner photos in your signature in Gmail or other social media sites, then you already know about cover photos. Besides uploading a logo, which is a no-brainer, you should also get a background cover photo uploaded. This will add personality to your company page and make it a more appealing page to view. When deciding on a cover photo, pick one that shows off what your business is all about. However, keep in mind that if it looks too ‘busy’ it is going to turn some people off. Make sure the image quality is high so that it looks crisp and visually appealing. The best size for a LinkedIn cover photo is 1584 x 396 px.

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3) Include your location

If you have a physical storefront or office location, you should include it on your page. There is also an option to add more than one address, so make sure to add any relevant locations your business has.

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4) Add a custom button

To get people to take action after visiting your LinkedIn company page, you should add a custom button of some kind. This could be a button that leads to your site, a contact form, a page to learn more about your company, or something else. When you add a URL to the button, visitors can click through to a page off of LinkedIn.

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5) Add Hashtags

You are able to add up to three hashtags on your page. Adding these will make you more discoverable on the platform. Selecting popular hashtags in your industry will be the most beneficial strategy for you. However, make sure that the hashtags are not overused within the industry otherwise your LinkedIn page will get lost in the overuse of the Hashtags in the search gallery.

How to get followers on LinkedIn – Tips

So, how do you get followers on LinkedIn? There are several action steps you can take to skyrocket the number of followers you have on your company’s page. Here are our top tried-and-true favorites for how to increase engagement on LinkedIn company page:

Get your employees engaged

If you have employees and they are on LinkedIn, encourage them to at least like your posts. When they do this, the algorithm that LinkedIn uses will see your posts as having value, and will show them to more people.

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Sine your personal LinkedIn profile is separate from your company page, it provides you with another chance to point people towards your company page. You can easily do this by placing a link to it in the field that is there marked “Website URL” or your profile’s headline. Better yet, encourage the rest of your employees to do the same!

Your email signature is another location you can take advantage of to promote a link to your company page. When you do this, you could also ask them to follow the page once they pay it a visit. If they are already on your personal profile, the chances are high that they will be interested in following your company page.

Adjust your content

Once you have a company page, you will have access to a massive amount of helpful analytics. They will inform you about the demographics of your followers and other information that can be a goldmine. With it, you will get to understand what content is seeing engagement and what is not getting that much. You can refine and tweak the copy content you share on your company page to make sure it boosts engagement. There are several ways to optimize organic posts you create on LinkedIn, so be sure to get informed about them to magnify your success.

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Jump into conversations in other communities using hashtags

Each one of your posts should contain 3-5 hashtags. This will help extend its reach and get seen by other communities. You could also get your company page associated with industry-specific hashtags within your Communities Hashtags section. This will get your brand out there in front of even more people who have not heard of you previously.

Include a Follow button that goes to your site

Adding a Follow button is a quick and easy addition that will help steer people towards your company page. You can increase the likelihood of visitors actually clicking on it by writing a persuasive call to action.

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Give a shout-out to other businesses and individuals

Do you know of other businesses and influencers in your niche who are not direct competitors of yours who you want to be allied with? If so, then you can mention them by using the @ symbol, followed by their LinkedIn username. Mentioning them in your post updates increases the likelihood of them finding out about you. They may even end up sharing your content with their audience! The one caveat with this tactic is to avoid overdoing it. You definitely do not want to appear as a spammer.

Upload and share unique and original content

Content is king. Not only should you share photos with captions but also videos as well. People have short attention spans and you are going to need to capture it, and do so quickly. Videos stand out on your page and will lead to higher levels of engagement. The key is to make your content as eye-catching as possible.

Encourage people to engage with your content

Another simple way for how to increase engagement on LinkedIn company page is to simply ask for it!  The more that people engage with your posts by commenting, liking, or sharing them, the more valuable your content will be to the almighty algorithm. This means your posts will have a greater reach. A simple “What do you think?” works really well, as do other, more creative requests like “What emoji best sums up how you feel about this?” You can also encourage deep and insightful conversations if it’s fitting. Or you can set up a poll, The key is to post valuable content that people find meaningful.

Study the company pages of your competitors

You should be conducting competitor analysis if you want to get ahead of the competition. This should be a part of your digital marketing strategy and be done regularly. The easiest way to do it on LinkedIn is to head over to the pages of your competitors and see what they are providing. This will help you figure out where they are falling short, letting you fill in the gaps and provide something they do not.

Respond to all @ mentions of your company

The final tip for how to increase engagement on LinkedIn company page we recommend is responding to all @ mentions of your company. Depending on how active your page is with comments, you do not necessarily need to respond to every single comment. However, if someone directly @ mentions you, then you should reply. This demonstrates that you care about your audience and value them enough to warrant a response. These are some of the top ways to succeed on LinkedIn but they are not the only ones. In fact, there are several things small businesses should be doing on LinkedIn, but aren’t. Brushing up on them and applying them to your success strategy on the platform will give you an edge over your competitors. There is also a neat marketing trick that LinkedIn pros are using that you could greatly benefit from.

The top 3 most followed company profiles on LinkedIn

All of the tips above will help turn your LinkedIn company page into a very active and popular one. These are used by the most followed company pages on LinkedIn today.

Here are the most popular pages as of April 2021:

  • Google – 17.724 million followers
  • TED Conferences – 17.693 million followers
  • Amazon – 15.048 million followers

You may want to take some points for how to increase followers on LinkedIn company page by seeing what these companies are doing successfully.

What Google is doing

Google is on top of their optimization game when it comes to their LinkedIn company page. You will notice that they have an eye-catching cover photo that expresses many of the areas the company is involved in these days. Their company description is short and to the point, being only a single paragraph in length. Their location mentioned is their headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

how to increase linkedin page followers most followed company on linkedin

What TED Conferences is doing

TED Conferences is the second-largest company page on LinkedIn, , which may surprise you. However, they definitely understand how to create an engaging and eye-catching profile. They also make sure to point visitors to their official website using a clickable button. A feature that you may want to take advantage of is adding non-competitive partners in the sidebar that can appear on the right-hand side of your company page. This provides some cross-promotional exposure to you and any company or organization to place in the sidebar.

how to increase engagement on linkedin company page amazon

What Amazon is doing

Online retail behemoth Amazon ranks third in terms of the largest LinkedIn company pages. It includes everything that Google and TED Conferences have on their pages but also includes a handy map of every major location the company has. If you have a business that has multiple locations, be it within the United States or globally, this could be a neat feature to display on your page.

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The takeaway to grow your LinkedIn page

With nearly 350 million users, LinkedIn has become the largest professional and business social network today. That means small businesses like yours stand to gain a whole lot by having a presence on it.

Now that you know some of the best methods for how to increase LinkedIn page followers, as well as maximize engagement, you can expand your audience and get more leads. This, in turn, can result in you enjoying more sales. Setting up a LinkedIn page is relatively easy. Staying engaged and active will require a commitment that you will soon notice is well worth it.