If you’re in the real estate industry, you cannot imagine how powerful videos can be to take your business to the next level.

Don’t believe us? Check out these statistics: 

  1. 73% of homeowners rather do business with a real estate agent who uses videos for listing.
  2. 70% of the buyers value video tours when searching for a house.

From providing home tours and expert tips to sharing customer testimonials and conducting live Q/A sessions, videos can help you fetch better ROI in both residential and commercial real estate.  

Want to give real estate videos a shot? This blog post is for you. 

We’ll talk about the different types of videos you can create to attract your real estate prospects and learn some best practices that you must follow to create videos that convert and sell. 

Let’s get started!

Best marketing channels to promote my real estate videos

Creating real estate promo videos is great, but if you don’t know which channels to upload them to, it can get tricky. Here are the top 6 marketing channels that can be helpful to you as a realtor. 

  1. Social media – The best social media channels for realtors are:
    1. Facebook – Include your video in groups and on your professional page
    2. LinkedIn – Give a detailed description of your video
    3. Twitter – Update your followers and use your company hashtags
    4. Instagram – Use hashtags to get more users to see your video with a descriptive description.
  2. Email marketing – Email is a fairly inexpensive way to communicate and keep in touch with existing customers.
  3. Email signature video – Promote your listings by adding your real estate video marketing to your email signature with every email that you send.
  4. Website –  Your website should have your name, a recent image of yourself, and an “about me” section with your statement that speaks to your brand. Create a deeper connection with your clients by sharing some personal information about you and your brand. Remember to mention things that would help you target your market.
  5. Real estate platforms – add your real estate video marketing to Trulia and Zillow to appear more professional and insightful.

Check out this introduction video by David and Anna Solomon, a mother-son duo who runs

2. Property listing videos for real estate

Research shows that property listings with videos get 403% more inquiries than properties without listings.

A video lets your prospect quickly have an overview of the property you’re selling. Plus, you can also showcase the highlighted areas and amenities of the property and its surroundings to impress your leads.

Once the listing is confirmed, you can put this video on your website, share it on your social media handles, or add the video to your email signature.

3. Neighborhood real estate promo videos

Real estate marketing videos are crucial to showcase every nook and corner of the property you’re selling. But, a significant factor that most buyers take into consideration is the neighborhood in which the property resides. 

Neighborhood videos are a great way to show buyers that the area around the property is safe, well-kept, and lively, to quiet their minds. However, instead of shooting it on a lazy Sunday morning, capture the hustle and bustle of weekdays. Such as a playground when it’s full, people going to their work, or school at lunchtime.

How to nurture prospects with real estate marketing videos

Once you’ve generated a significant number of leads, it’s time to nudge them onto the next step.

Below are 3 kinds of real estate promotional videos you can use:

1. Follow-up videos

After the initial contact, a friendly follow-up video can be extremely helpful in cementing a relationship with your clients or prospects.

Building a connection with your real estate leads is not easy. As people receive a lot of emails every day, you must show your prospects that you’re different from those nasty spammers out there.

Since people feel that videos take a lot of time and effort to record (even though they don’t), they perceive them as high value. Plus, it makes them wonder, “Wow, did they create this just for me?”. 

What content you can include in videos for your follow-up email:

  • Share quick facts about the property
  • Tips for restaurants, parks, and shopping in the area
  • A short greeting saying how excited you are to help them find the home of their dreams

2. Market update videos

Real estate trends keep changing with time. So, it’s crucial to keep your clients updated about the market so that they can make an informed buying decision. 

Market update videos can establish you as a thought leader in the real estate industry in the eyes of your potential customers. It builds trust and boosts the buyer’s confidence in you. This makes it easier for people to trust you with the intimidating action of buying a home rather than go with some anonymous seller. 

What content you can include in your market update videos:

  • Real estate trends
  • Real estate opportunities
  • Interest rate changes
  • Neighborhood crime rates (if they’re low, right?)
  • Change in construction laws
  • etc.

3. Real estate advice videos

Chances are your buyers are not aware of the nitty-gritty details of buying a property. This is where you can fill in the gap, and build a relationship by providing value.

Consider creating real estate advice videos to clear your client’s doubts. If your potential customers have some questions, and you answer them, they will notice your good intentions and will be more likely to turn away from your competitors.

You can create videos on subjects such as:

  • How to bargain with your seller? 
  • X mistakes buyers and sellers make
  • How to find the cheapest property?
  • When is the best time to buy?
  • X signs that your seller is a scammer
  • X ways to scam your buyers (just kidding ;))

Converting prospects with real estate video marketing

Now that your prospects are engaged, the next step is to convert them into buyers

During this stage, your clients might have some questions or concerns regarding the property you’re selling to them. So, it’s up to you to clear their doubts and persuade them to seal the deal. 

3 best video types for converting prospects into buyers:

1. Customer testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are a great way to demonstrate that you can get the job done

The sad truth is, you may have found great success in the real estate market but if you don’t have anything to showcase, your efforts are perceived as next to none. 

Importantly, such videos help your clients learn more about your business, the problems buyers face while buying property, and how you can help solve them. 

These videos work great on Facebook as standard posts or paid ads. Or, you can create video playlists of testimonials and case studies to share with prospects as and when required.

Essentially, you don’t need any high-production setup to make such videos. You can casually invite your happy customers for a short interview. Or use your smartphone to record. 

2. Video tours of relevant properties 

Even if certain clients are interested in buying a particular property from you, they may still have some doubts that can ruin the deal.  If you can make someone envision living at a house you’re selling, this may go a long way in relieving those doubts.

So how can you help your clients envision the feeling of walking through the doors and rooms of their dream house?

Well, I’ve got one word for you “video tours” (I realize it’s 2).

Video tours offer homebuyers the chance to get a full view of the property, rather than just a few attractive areas.

You can either record a high-end virtual property tour or a personal tour with your smartphone. Use your phone and walk in through the property to explain all the areas your client might be interested in. 

3. Live Q/A Sessions about 

Hosting live Q/A sessions are perfect for announcing:

  • New listing on the market 
  • Discount offers,
  • Sharing local news, 
  • Recently sold properties

On sites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, you can quickly start a live video where viewers get to ask multiple questions that you can answer. 

Further, since these are often unscripted, they add credibility and authenticity to the overall experience. 

How to make real estate promo videos that work: best practices

1. Make your videos actionable

Never leave your prospects clueless. Always make sure that your videos are actionable. What does that mean? It means that by the time they finish watching your video, they should know what the next steps are.

Consider using tools such as StoryXpress to insert CTAs in your videos. For instance, if you want the prospect to book a meeting with you, insert the calendar in the video so that the overall friction involved is less. 

If you share the Calendly link separately, the prospect may or may not click on it, thus catching their attention when they are engaged with your video content and making them book a session right away.

2. Create a compelling script 

Don’t go overboard with your script. Instead of talking about everything in one video, choose a theme for the video and present it through attractive images, animations, etc. Plus, try to explain things as naturally as possible.

Having a script is especially important for beginners. If you tend to get anxious in front of the camera and forget what you are there for, consider using a script.

3. Choose the right equipment

You don’t always need professional, expensive equipment to shoot your real estate videos. You can easily create impressive video content by using your smartphone.

Or, if you want to take your video production quality to another level, invest in a DSLR camera or mirrorless equivalent.

4. Prepare everything in advance

Let’s face it; you can’t create a top-notch real estate video if you’re not properly prepared. As a real estate business owner, it is crucial to make a great first impression on your clients. 

Things to prepare for shooting your video:

  • Make sure your clothing is relatable to your audience (Check out this video to learn how to dress appropriately for your next real estate video.)
  • Make sure to have a tidy and respectable video background (preferably with your credentials and awards on the wall)

Set pleasant background music (copyright-free). When it comes to background music, too loud or too low a sound can distract the viewers from what’s happening in the video. So, choose something that complements the speaker’s voice and is fun, calm, and soothing to the ears.

Also, since property videos are mostly outdoor and there can be background noise while recording, it is a good idea to use video editing software that can help you with voiceovers, subtitles, and sound corrections.

4. Keep your videos short

It might look tempting to present all the necessary information in one video. But, since viewers have short attention spans, don’t try to combine a neighborhood tour and a client testimonial.

Instead, record multiple short videos and create a playlist. Share these short clippings on your social media handles, YouTube channel, email signature, or website for optimal engagement.    

Wrap up 

Real estate is one of the few industries that hasn’t harnessed the power of video marketing fully. So, if you haven’t hopped on the real estate video bandwagon, NOW is the right time to do so. Good luck!