Do you love asking questions? Find it hard to resist giving answers? Or maybe you are a devoted Trivia fan? For all of you who’ve asked “How can I easily share my knowledge with my friends and colleagues” here is your answer: WiseStamp.


WiseStamp is very pleased to announce a new partnership with, the popular Q&A website, allowing millions of users to share their passion of knowledge through their email signatures. Now, with WiseStamp, each email you send can contain one of the many feeds (from the ‘quote of the day’, through custom feeds and up to your personal Q&As), an official badge and of course an icon leading to your profile. “We are excited to offer the WiseStamp feature as another way for members to promote their answers and favorite categories,” said Liz Cohen,’s Social Media & Marketing Manager. “Our experts can further the mileage from their contributions by sharing them in their own dynamic email signature.”

answers-signature is the leading Q&A site, including WikiAnswers and ReferenceAnswers. The site supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Tagalog (Filipino). WikiAnswers is a community-generated social knowledge Q&A platform, leveraging wiki-based technologies. Through the contributions of its large and growing community, answers are improved and updated over time. The award-winning ReferenceAnswers includes content on millions of topics from over 250 licensed dictionaries and encyclopedias from leading publishers, including Houghton Mifflin, Barron’s and Encyclopedia Britannica.

WiseStamp Answer Email Signature


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2 comments on “Share your knowledge with the world – WiseStamp announces a partnership with

  • Hi, What a great idea. How about EUDORA? There are a whole lot of us still out there. Thanks, MM

  • I’m sure the link will be welcomed by many, but please ensure that we have a link to “opt-out” of this link. In fact it would be better to make it an “opt-in” option

    Personally I do not want advertising of any kind in my signatures – unless I request it

    Wise Stamp is a great product – thank you

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