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Facebook marketing is about growing customer relationships, reaching out to real people and showing those real people that there are more real people behind your business logo and tagline. It’s about showing your customers and potential customers that you care about what they have to say.

Be authentic

Being authentic has somehow become a cliché of social media lingo, but only because it’s true. The organizations that are able to provide consumers and potential consumers with their attentiveness and combine it with their organization’s core values, are the ones that we’ll see succeed.   

In this post, I’ve rounded up the 7 best Facebook marketing posts of 2015. Study them, note the comments and interaction between company and consumer, and keep in mind that to truly succeed with Facebook marketing, you have to commit to genuinely caring about what your consumers and potential consumers say, think and feel.


  1. Mark Zuckerberg

If you want to learn about Facebook marketing, who’s a better teacher than Mark Zuckerberg? Mark Zuckerberg is the personal brand behind Facebook. And he know what he’s doing.

Posting a mix of personal, professional and heartwarming statuses, Zuckerberg leads, informs and inspires his 48 million+ followers.

Becoming a parent is a huge milestone in our lives. Mark shared a status welcoming Max into the world and let his followers feel like they’re an important part of his life; they matter enough to be informed.

The important lesson here for marketers and anybody building a brand and a business, is to make it personal. Our primordial need is to be loved. Tap into that.




  1. Microsoft Lumia

We’re addicted to our phones. They’re the metaphorical handcuffs that keep us bound to everything we’d like to know now, both personal and professional.

Microsoft Lumia got so much attention from this status, because it affirmed what we already feel – we want to do everything on our phone. We want one device that can do it all.  

If we’re able to connect with the desires of our customers and deliver on them, we’ll also be able to capitalize on them.


The phone that works like your PC. Introducing the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

Posted by Microsoft Lumia on Tuesday, October 6, 2015


  1. The Simpsons

We can’t help but love the Simpsons. However old you are, there’s a character you love most. But the Simpson’s represent more than that. The Simpson’s represent a family, a community; every American household.  

And though we now know that Springfield Oregon is the inspiration for The Simpson’s setting we still wish we could somehow visit the Simpson’s Springfield.

So here’s why this status was so popular. Because now you can. Universal Studios in Hollywood has replicated the real thing. Fans are clearly excited about the prospect of visiting Krusty Burger, Moe’s Tavern, Kwik-E-Mart and more.

It’s like Yeardly Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson says: “it is pretty fantastic to see everything in 3D…that means they really believe in the brand and that’s incredibly meaningful….”


Now you can enter the world of The Simpsons! Flaming Moe anyone?

Posted by The Simpsons on Tuesday, May 19, 2015


  1. Disneyland

Disney is that magical brand that we all connect to and Disneyland is one of the few places on earth that the enchanted world of Disney comes to life.

And usually it’s about the good guys and the happily ever after.

But at Disneyland they also know how much we love the bad guys. So when Cruella de Vil invites you to celebrate Halloween in Disneyland, you’re going to get excited.


Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is here! Who’s fiendishly excited?

Posted by Disneyland on Friday, September 11, 2015


  1. L.L.Bean

L.L. Bean is a New England brand and one of the best to boot.

But something wonderful happens when you combine a brand with another brand – the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. It’s also when you start to see people get really excited – because they love to see that their favorite brands are friends. It strengthens their own belief in their choices.


Congratulations to the New England Patriots from all your fans here in Maine. Here’s how L.L. Bear celebrates when the Patriots win!

Posted by L.L.Bean on Monday, February 2, 2015


  1. Intrepid Travel

We love travelling, exploring, visiting new lands, cultures and people. We travel to get away, to forget, to leave something behind. Sometimes we travel to find and to connect – with other people, with ourselves.

Intrepid Travel is about being fearless. Remembering who you’ve been all along requires courage. It requires looking beyond what has been and perhaps opening a new page.

In this era when connecting with the outside world has become so easy, connecting with ourselves is perhaps harder.

When a meaningful quote can connect between a brand and its consumers, your brand’s inspiring message goes deep.  



  1. Godiva 

As I mentioned before, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that’s at play here.

By combining chocolate, kids, giving and the time of year when people want to be generous, Godiva’s created something wonderful.  

You’ll also notice, the image is cute and draws you in and a bit different than the rest of Godiva’s images that are more classy and elegant.

So the lesson here is, you can step out of your brand but only if you can remain loyal to your consumers and products.  



Our mouths are watering over the #GivingGODIVA hot chocolate sundaes that The House That Lars Built created! Sip, savor…

Posted by GODIVA on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What were your favorite Facebook marketing posts in 2015? Let us know in the comments below.

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