The holiday season is a great time to show your appreciation for your most valued customers, clients, partners or anyone who you hold a business relationship with. At the very minimum, it’s a wise and thoughtful gesture to send each of your clients a holiday greetings card by mail or email. But, if you really want to grow your relationship with certain, high-value stakeholders, you need to go the extra mile by giving them a gift.

Of course, selecting the appropriate gift for clients can be tricky. After all, you need the gift to be professional, thoughtful and affordable all at once. Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you, so get your holiday shopping list ready!

Here are the top eight holiday gifts under $50 that are sure to make a memorable impression on your clients, customers and business partners and bring them some holiday cheer.


Gourmet Coffee Gift Box (starts at $24)

Everyone has that caffeine-craving client who powers through three cups of coffee within an hour-long meeting. For those coffee-lovers, there’s nothing better than a gift box sampler of gourmet grounds. We recommend the Bean Box Coffee Sampler, which offers a one-time purchase for $24 or a monthly subscription for various durations.

Coffe Sample Bean Box


Assorted Tea Gift Box ($24.50)

Encourage your client to take the time to enjoy a flavorful tea by gifting them an assorted tea gift box. We recommend the Tea By Mood Gift Set by Numi Organic Tea, which offers leaf blends that are each meant to enhance different moods: focus, sleep, inspire, invigorate, energize, refresh, balance and reflect. What client wouldn’t appreciate that?

Numi Tea Box Set


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A Personalized or Branded Item (starts at $12.95)

As a small business owner or freelancer, you know how exciting it is to see your name or brand in print. It makes you feel so official. So why not give that gift to your client? Just hop over to WiseSwag, choose from a range of useful gifts, and personalize them with your client’s name, initials, logo or whatever you want! WiseSwag has a range of quality items including mugs, notebooks, cellphone case and apparel. You can add any image you want in a click!

swag 1


Plant Terrarium (starts at $23.99)

We all know what it’s like to be stuck indoors for work (unless you’re a digital nomad). If you have a workaholic client who doesn’t get out that much, bring the great outdoors to them with a beautiful plant terrarium for the office. Terrariums add a lovely atmosphere to any workplace and are low maintenance. We recommend this geometric glass terrarium kit that comes with everything you need.





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The Graze Box ($13.99 per box)

Sometimes breakfast and lunch just aren’t enough to get through the day. That’s why most of us fuel up on snacks in between. If your client is a snacker, then Graze Box is the perfect gift! Select eight wholesome yet tasty snacks amongst hundreds and have them sent right to your client’s home or office. Graze’s snacks have no trans fat, artificial flavors, preservative or colors. It’s also easy to ensure the snacks you choose accommodate any dietary needs or food allergies. Graze offers a subscription service, but you can cancel at any time if you want to make a one-time gift. What a yummy treat!

Graze 2


Noise-Cancelling Headphones ($46)

Everyone could use a great pair of headphones. They’re useful for taking calls on the go, enjoying an audiobook during a commute, and listening to heart-pumping music during a workout. They are especially useful for frequent travelers. If you have a client who is on the road a lot, we recommend TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, which reduce background sounds up to 30dB. This important feature makes it so much easier to listen to music or podcasts when traveling on a noisy train or working in a busy office. They aren’t the most advanced noise-cancelling headphones on the market; but for their price point of $46, they do a great job.



Monogrammed Stainless Steel Business Card Holder ($29.95)

If you think business cards have gone extinct, think again. Even in today’s digital world, the business card is an important, in-person direct marketing tool and makes a memorable impression. But not if the card is wrinkled, faded or scratched up! Make sure your client is always prepared to make a great impression with this stylish monogrammed stainless steel cardholder from Gift Tree. It’s lightweight and can hold 15 cards at a time. You can include a personalized message on a card that will come with your gift. And if your client doesn’t have business cards or needs to refresh their style, you can also recommend WiseCards. With WiseCards, you can create and customize professionally designed business cards in just a few clicks and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Business card holder

Digital Picture Frame (starts at $39.99)


Work can sometimes keep us from those who are most important to us—our loved ones. That’s why you’ll find pictures of family, friends and animal companions in almost everyone’s work space. With a digital picture frame, your client can always have their most important relationships in sight. We recommend the reasonably-priced digital frame by Micca, which is easy to use, energy efficient and offers a crisp and clear display. The frame size ranges from 7- to 10-inches and starts at $39.99.

Digital pic frame Micca






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