Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals are dramatically changing the job market – anyone can now turn their passion into a profession by building an online business presence. 

As we saw in our survey, State of the Freelance Nation, more professionals are  choosing to pursue freelance careers long-term: 54% have no interest in returning to full-time employment. And they are financially thriving: The average freelancer reaches their income goal within two years; 52% of those who reached their earning goal within 1 year earn above $75,000 per year. (Read more of our survey findings here).

New challenges

Early stage challenges for freelancers entreprenuers and self-employed professionals
Freelance Nation

This change is happening fast: Nearly 55 million Americans — and millions more worldwide — work independently instead of for an employer; that’s 35% of the US workforce alone. And more are dropping the 9-to-5 routine and set off to roads less traveled.

But freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals have not only grown in numbers – they have also become savvier and more ambitious. That is because working independently, which has often been thought of as an interim career move between full-time employment, has become a financially secure career path.

Freelance Nation

With the changes come new challenges – and new solutions. Here’s the dilemma you will probably encounter early on in your new path: Most say online marketing is ‘important’ to their growth but find it too costly and time-consuming. But with the right tools and knowledge, you can market yourself quickly and affordably.

Freelance Nation

Why we’re here

This blog is all about helping freelancers, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals find ways to do things better – and faster. Speed is a major and underrated factor in your success, as most of you will be spending more money than you planned in the first few months. That is why we hope to help you hit the ground running and achieve your earnings goal in 24 months or less.

We will offer actionable business tips, marketing & branding know how, productivity tips, and interviews with fellow freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals.

Most of the posts will be about how to do things yourself – after all, 83% of those who work independently manage their own online marketing efforts. It might not always be easy, but the bottom line is that those who invest the time and money in online marketing simply earn significantly more.

Ready to strike out on your own and say “goodbye” to the traditional 9 to 5? Then we’re here to help you every step of the way!

Orly Izhaki is the co-founder and CEO of WiseBrand. 

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