Version 1.2.3

Hello, Olá, Bonjour and שלום to all our users: We have some exciting news – this version includes localized WiseStamp versions, courtesy of our volunteer users at Babelzilla and as a tribute to the International Translation Day.

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Yes, WiseStamp will speak in your own language; our first release includes the following 4 languages:

  • English
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • French
  • Hebrew

We wish to thank our first Babelzilla volunteer translators: Jojaba & Ghelman.

Become a translator!

We had many localization requests and many volunteers that wanted to help us in localizing WiseStamp, so we decided to make it as simple as we can by using Babelzilla’s great addon localization platform. BabelZilla is a great project that helps translate extensions by connecting between extension developers and translators and providing convenient tools (Web Translation System – WTS) for creating, managing, and updating translations. If you want to help us teach WiseStamp to talk in your own language, you are invited to register as a translator on BabelZilla and add your translation or update the missing strings in your language. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Register to Babelzilla (free)
  2. After you logged in, you can Click here for our direct link (or search for the WiseStamp addon).
  3. Become an official WiseStamp translator for you language.

That’s it!

So whats new?

New features:

  • More Social services new– Due to user requests we have added 2 new job finding social services-
    • VisualCV – Get a better resume, online.
    • Xing  relationships for the world’s business professionals
    • Check our full features list
  • Localizationnew– new languages:
    • English
    • Portuguese (Brazilian)
    • French
    • Hebrew

Fixes & Bugs

  • Fixed-Yahoo new Mail auto insertion issues.

We have more exciting things in our pipeline, so stay tuned….