What a great year was 2009! Being declared the “best Social Media Gadget of 2009” was certainly the icing on a delicious cake. We wish to thank you guys for a crazy year, and welcome you to enjoy a decade of new features, innovation and cool surprises! We have all been through quite a lot in such a short time… to make it easier on the eyes, here is our 2009 in short bullets :

Thank you for your great user comments, tweets and press releases. Just continue to spread the word, if you liked what you’ve seen this far, you are in for quite a surprise… Our new year resolution is to sober-up from tonight’s party and start creating next year’s summary… it is going to be …in one word… WOW! Happy new year! The WiseStamprs Josh (Tzvika) Avnery, Orly Izhaki, Sasha Gimelshtein and Tom Piamenta

Josh Avnery, Orly Izhaki, Sasha Gimelshtein, Tom Piamenta - WiseStamp Team

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4 comments on “Before you get totally hammered… WiseStamp’s 2009 Summary

  • Is there a way to add more than two signatures? I have three that I want to use but I can’t find anywhere to add another signature in… Help?

  • I really need more than two signatures, is that possible? I searched your FAQs and support and help pages but can’t find anything.

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