With two days left to nomination votes (you can vote once per day)  You can help us get into the finals of Mashable’s Open Web Award finals of Mashable’s (see pic below),

Update: We made it to the finals Top 5! & need your help to win- vote for us!!

Follow these simple 3 steps:
Step 1: Click – Vote for WiseStamp!

Step 2: Log in via your Facebook or Twitter

Step 3: Submit Your WiseStamp Vote!

*You may vote in all categories once per day

That’s it!

we are already in the top 10 in the Social Media Gadget category and we got YOU to thank! This is great but we still need some extra voting juice to go to the top 5 and reach the finals!

Can you lend a hand to an old add-on and help us pass this barrier? Thanks!
Just follow these 3 simple steps, and if you are extra nice tweet about us and share it with other friends!

Cross your fingers and hope we will bring some good news!