We made it to the top 5! With you great help we qualified ot the finals in the Best Social Media Gadget category in Mashbale OWA! We need your help to win – vote for us!! Vote WiseStamp in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Click – Vote for WiseStamp! Step 2: Log in via your Facebook or Twitter Step 3: Choose “Social Media Gadget” and “WiseStamp.com” & Submit Your Vote!

* You may vote once per day. You should vote once per day 😉 vote for wisestamp in open web awards social media gadget

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  • http://www.elisesaidso.com elise

    Would love it if you guys added a Foursquare profile to the list of applicable profiles!

  • http://TBT.no TBT

    We are working with both FireFox & Chrome.
    We are working from 4 different computers.
    We are working from 4 different locations.

    Would be nice if there where some “cloud” / on-line version / sync version / of the signature so we could avoid entering the same info 8 times when we are changing and updating our signature.