Here is a great tip on how to personalize your messages to colleagues and clients and making your message more effective – GoldMail is a very powerful software that lets you combine your voice with your content. GoldMail enables you to create on-demand rich-media messages and presentations. How does it work? With GoldMail you easily create a presentation or a slideshow and add your own voice to explain the content. GoldMail comes as a free product with advanced plans for power and enterprise users. The effectiveness doesn’t stop here – now you can combine it with your WiseStamp to spread your own word in your emails: 1. Record a GoldMail message – about what you do or your product 2. Add the GoldMail logo or a GoldMail badge in the WiseStamp editor and link it to your GoldMail message. This way, each time your recipients click on the icon or badge, they will hear your annotated presentation about yourself, your product or your company. Check out this step by step tutorial on how to add GoldMail to your email signature . As well, our friends in Goldmail created a great Goldmail demonstration to present the effectiveness of combining GoldMail with WiseStamp. Go ahead, create your GoldMail now! WiseStamp & Goldmail signature Samples:

GoldMail WiseStamp email signature
GoldMail email signature example