CRM Email Signature Integration

Integrate WiseStamp’s Email signatures with your CRM system to create consistent branding, boost your marketing, and maintain compliance across every email.

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crm and email signatures integration guide

Easily integrates with any email-based CRM

WiseStamp makes it easy to add your signature on any CRM system, so you can stay connected with clients and prospects, and promote your brand every time you send an email.


Leverage your Email signatures within Salesforce to enhance customer interactions. Strengthen your marketing campaigns and maintain brand consistency throughout your Salesforce emails.


Seamlessly integrate WiseStamp with NetSuite to take advantage of personalized email signatures for better lead engagement and higher conversion rates.

Zoho CRM

Boost your sales and marketing campaigns with personalized WiseStamp email signatures directly within Zoho CRM. Drive engagement, nurture leads, and increase customer retention.


Elevate your sales game by using WiseStamp with your Pipedrive workflow. Convert leads into customers and leave a lasting impression with every email you send.


Streamline your sales processes and close deals faster with WiseStamp integrated into Marketo. Create personalized email signatures and target different customer segments.


Utilize WiseStamp’s email signatures to create personalized and engaging interactions within Salesloft. Enhance customer relationships and build a strong brand presence.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enhance your email communications with the power of WiseStamp within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Increase brand visibility and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.


Enhance your HubSpot marketing automation with WiseStamp email signatures. Deliver highly-targeted messages, nurture leads effectively, and improve customer experience.

Seamless integration in just a few clicks

As long as your CRM is linked to your email platform and sends emails from the server, WiseStamp will automatically add the signatures you design. This automatic process ensures that all outgoing emails from your CRM will include your professional signature.

Amplify your email marketing channel to the max

A well-designed email signature in every employee’s email is the perfect place to engage with your audience and drive traffic and sales. Promote events, content, and landing pages, showcase your offering and certifications, invite recipients to answer surveys and more.

Make the most of your email funnels

Using your CRM to create well-planned email marketing funnels? Add the right email signature to each email with strategically placed banners, CTAs, or schedulers, and promote the right message to the right people at the right time. 

Ensure compliance in every CRM email

Just like any other platform, the emails sent from your CRM can expose your business to various risks. Stay compliant with industry regulations and policies by easily adding the right disclaimer to every email signature. 

Unlock the full marketing potential of your CRM 

Your CRM system has great email automation capabilities built into it. Combine them with the power of a beautifully-designed, consistent email signature in every email, complete with a personalized banner campaign, and you get effective marketing that delivers results.

Integrate WiseStamp with your CRM platform and boost your email marketing today!

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Our Server-Side Solution

WiseStamp’s server-side solution integrates directly with your email server, independent of the specific CRM you’re using. This ensures that your signatures will appear on any email sent from any device and any email client.


Your CRM

An email is sent from your company’s CRM which is linked to your email platform.


Your email server

The message is sent to your organization’s email server, whether Google Workspace or Microsoft Exchange.


Our server-side host

The message is redirected to our server-side host, where the correct signature is added.


Your recipient’s inbox

The message, together with the signature, is then routed to its recipient via the email server. 

WiseStamp does not store any email content on its servers, nor does it read the message content. WiseStamp processes email requests per account and applies complete isolation for each account.

Combine WiseStamp with your CRM platform and boost your email marketing today!