5 Ways to Massively Reinvigorate Your Facebook Page Remember the good old days, when small businesses received tons of organic traffic from Facebook? Ahhh, those were the days. Today with Facebook’s new algorithm, businesses are lucky to reach about 16% of their fans. In fact, many businesses are so fed up with Facebook that they’ve decided to jump ship, closing their accounts for good. I too have felt a major Facebook decline and have wondered if it’s worth my time anymore. But a few months ago, I came across a video by Holly Homer on she grew her Facebook page, Quirky Momma from a few thousand fans to over a million … ORGANICALLY! With this new found information I decided to give my Facebook marketing strategy one more try. And guess what? It’s working. So if you’re looking to reinvigorate your Facebook page here are 5 ways to do it. 1. You Need to Have Curated Content When I first started posting to Facebook I would post 1 – 2 new items a day (Monday – Friday). My concern was if I posted more it would annoy my fans. But after watching Holly Homer’s videos, I quickly learned that to be seen you need to be posting frequently, and that it needs to be the BEST content from your niche. What this means is each day you need to seek out the very best information in your industry and schedule it throughout the day. In fact, over at Quirky Momma they post around the clock (Yes, 24 or more posts a day)! First, posting frequently gives your posts the best chance of being seen by your fans. Second, when you post the best content you receive more likes and comments and this interaction boosts your rank in Facebook’s algorithm. While I don’t post 24 times a day, I do get 6 – 12 high quality posts in a day and it’s helped my page tremendously. To find the best content you can set up Google alerts for keywords and phrases within your industry. You can also search for your keywords on Pinterest, once the results are up, look for pins that have a high number of repins and likes. Be sure to always read or skim the article before posting — you’d hate to post something irrelevant, poorly written, or worse yet, a promo! 2. Mobile Sites Rule I’m sure you’ve heard the latest from Google; Websites that have mobile-friendly pages will receive a boost in Google’s search engine results. But, what does this have to do with Facebook? According to this article, mobile-friendliness is now a factor in Facebook’s algorithm too. In fact, Facebook’s measuring the quality of the links you’re sharing and if you’re not sharing mobile-friendly sites it will diminish the effectiveness of efforts. So before you share, make sure your site and the links of the sites you’re sharing are mobile-friendly. To see if a site is enabled for mobile devices you can use Google’s mobile-friendly tester. WiseStamp_mobile_friendly 3. Non-Office Hour Posts Most business owners update their Facebook page during traditional office hours … and that makes sense because that’s when they’re working. But did you know the majority of Facebook users are accessing Facebook from their mobile phones? And did you know that users are checking their Facebook feeds from the moment they wake up, through out the day, and then again before bed? Just take a look at your own Facebook usage. This is why you need to be posting during nighttime hours and weekends. Crystal Paine, who has 753k fans on her Facebook page says, “At night, there’s not as much competition so Facebook automatically bumps up the relevancy of that post, shows it to more people, and then as those people engage, it gets shown to even more people.” So that you’re not on Facebook 24/7 you can schedule your posts directly through Facebook, or you can also use a third-party platform like Hootsuite.


4. Utilize the Multi-Method This is another area where I thought if I posted something more than once, I’d annoy my  fans. But the reality of the situation is only 3% – 16% of your audience is going to see your initial post. So doesn’t it make sense to post items more than once? I’m not saying be a broken record, posting the same thing over and over again. Instead come up with a strategic schedule for posting new content, such as post new content on days 1, 5, and 10 – this way you have a better chance of your posts being viewed. You can also use this strategy for your evergreen content. This blog post from Kissmetrics has a detailed plan for creating a social sharing schedule.



5. Have the Right Images As they say … “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If you want to grab your fan’s attention you need to use images that maximize Facebook’s newsfeed dimensions. Whether you’re creating a blog post or sharing a photo directly with your fans — your image should be at least 470 pixels wide. If the image width is less than 470 pixels wide, Facebook will resize the image into a smaller thumbnail. Sharing someone else’s post, but they don’t have the right image size? No worries. Facebook allows you to upload an image when you’re creating the update. I have a library of stock images that I use, but you can find free stock images on Pexels or Unsplash. For more information on sizes and how Facebook resizes them, check out this article from Buffer. One final note: revitalizing your Facebook page doesn’t happen overnight. But with some persistence and a well thought out plan, you can reap the rewards from your efforts.

Written by Holly Hanna
Holly Reisem Hanna is a work at home mom, professional blogger, and social media correspondent. Her blog, The Work at Home Woman has been named by Forbes as one of the best websites for your career. Holly’s been featured on CNN, Forbes, Working Mother, Real Simple, and Woman’s Day Magazine. Connect with her on Twitter at @Holly_Hanna.

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