So now you’ve moved over to Google Apps for Work (formerly known as Google Apps for Business) you can sync all your docs with your calendar, and your team can all work on the same document without driving each other nuts, but that’s not all! One of the cool things about using Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Business) is that you can add a ton of cool apps and plugins to customize your experience and increase your productivity. Check out our top 6 below.

Google Apps for Work

1. WiseStamp for Business Obviously WiseStamp’s business signature management tool is our number one choice to spice up your Gmail. Easily add your team signature to all your corporate communication to promote your corporate branding with every email you send.

2. Rapportive Rapportive is a great little Gmail add-on that gives you all the social information you might need about the people you are communicating with, directly in your inbox. 3. Boomerang Boomerang has two nifty little features, firstly it allows you to schedule your emails so you can direct exactly when they will hit inboxes. It also boomerangs the emails back to you according to your timetable if you don’t get a reply to help you follow up.

4. Streak Streak is a Gmail for Work plugin that once you start using you won’t understand how you got by without it. It acts as a mini CRM for your gmail, with some added project management capabilities to boot. 5. Block Sender for Gmail The Block Sender for Gmail plugin does exactly what it says on the time. You’ll be able to advanced filter spam to make sure you only see things in your Gmail that you really need.
block sender for gmail

6. MxHero MxHero has a ton of fun features, but our favorite one is that you can sent your file to self distruct after it has been read. Very Mission Impossible, and a great feature for confidential email use. Got a Google Apps for Work tool you swear by? We’re always looking for new tools to optimize our work, so let us know!