Our latest update includes some useful and productive Email Apps that can help you grow your business and professional network:

  • Twitter “Follow me”
  • Facebook “Join me”
  • Constant Contact
  • Linkedin connector
  • QR vCard
  • Searchme by Vizibility
  • Yelp Email App
Note: you can install an Email App directly from the Email Apps gallery! Follow any of the links below and click the orange button to simply add this App.

Interested in learning more? read on: 3 Apps to expand your community & customer base : The new Twitter “Follow me” & Facebook “Join me”  Email Apps will enable you to easily link your Twitter and Facebook social efforts to your emails, growing your followers and fan base. With the Constant Contact Email App you will be able to expose your Newsletter to new readers, easily growing your reading and Newsletter subscription list.


3 Apps to connect & grow your network:
Help your contacts learn more about you –  the new  Linkedin connector Email App will enable your email correspondents to easily connect with you on Linkedin and to find out who you know in common. You can now easily encourage your recipients to “Google you” and learn more about you via search results you control using the new Searchme by Vizibility Email App. And you can showcase your productivity and innovation by creating your own QR vCard – enabling your email contacts to quickly scan and add your vCard info directly to their mobile.
By popular demand we have also released a nifty Yelp Email App enabling you to share your Yelp profile and latest reviews in your emails. Those Email Apps join our fast growing Email Apps Gallery providing you with productive and innovative ways to transform your emails into a powerful business & networking opportunity.   Wait… there are more goodies to this update..   Feature improvements: eBay App – Our eBay sellers will be happy to learn we have improved our app by adding an option to select sharing your “newly listed” or “Ending soonest” eBay items. We have also fixed all eBay Australia listing issues (thanks to the users bringing this to our attention) WordPress App – Was just upgraded to share the latest post of any WordPress based site – self hosted and WordPress.com, isn’t that cool? You should give it a try. New design options: Finally we have also included a new “Compact style” option to several of our popular Email Apps such as: Twitter, News, Wikipedia Did you Know, Today in history…expanding the flexibility of your design and email apps embedding options. Learn more about this option in our Help center.