Gmail is the most popular email client used today. This has led to the creation of a plethora of helpful add-ons.

What are Gmail add-ons?

Gmail add-ons, or extensions, are tools that improve the functionality of Gmail to make certain tasks easier or more extensive for you. Add-ons can be found in the Chrome Store or google Workplace (formally G Suite) and are installed directly in your browser.

It’s important to know that, at times, add-ons refer to more than just extensions and include also, themes, plugins, language packs, design packs, and more.

How can add-ons save time?

Instead of going back and forth from your email to your apps, you can just download a Gmail add-on from Google Workplace.

Install the apps that you use daily so that your inbox can scan through your go-to apps based on emails and messages you have received. This will help you save a lot of time and get tasks done faster.

Head over to Google Workplace to install any of the Gmail add-ons we go over in this article. Let’s get into it, here are the top Gmail add-ons!

Best Add-ons for Google Calendar and email scheduling

Here are some of the best add-ons and extensions for Google Calendar.

1. Checker Plus for Gmail

With Checker Plus for Gmail, you can schedule and edit events, as well as manage your calendar. You can do all of this without ever having to enter Google Calendar itself.

Main features:

  • Ability to have emails read out loud to you
  • Option to monitor Gmail or custom labels
  • Can run in the background while Google Chrome is closed
  • Popup mail preview window lets you read, mark as read, archive, and delete emails
  • Play a sound when you have new email notifications
  • Can open “Mail to” links in Gmail instead of a local email client
  • Unique icon sets
  • Supports offline viewing


This add-on is completely free! Go ahead and download it to take advantage of all the great features this one has, free of charge.

2. TeamCal

Using TeamCal can enhance your Google calendar with team scheduling and planning functionalities. This is a great add-on for managers who want to have an easier time managing their team’s schedule.

Main features:

  • Integrated and synced with Google Calendar
  • Schedule from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Share, print, and export your schedules
  • Manage event invitations
  • Flexibility to adjust to your needs
  • Helpful support


There are three different tiers for this add-on. Each one has a 14-day free trial. You can also receive two months free when you pay for an entire year upfront.

The Starter tier is $29/month and lets you manage up to 15 calendars. The Premium tier is $69/month and allows you to manage up to 45 calendars. Finally, the Business tier costs $149/month and allows you to manage up to 100 calendars per month.

Additionally, there are enterprise and education plans. For these, you can contact the add-on’s support team to receive more information.

3. Boomerang

Do you love sending emails at all hours of the night but hate that “sent at 3:16 am” timestamp? Do you need reminders to follow up or reply to emails that have been sitting in your inbox for longer than an hour? Then you’ll love Boomerang!

This app lets you schedule when your emails are sent, so you can compose at 4 am and set it to be delivered at 9 am. You can also have your email “boomerang” back to you if it’s been “un-replied” for too long.

Main features:

  • Scheduling emails
  • Project management
  • Follow up with a sales lead
  • Emails “read” receipts
  • Email engagement tracking and click tracking


Free (premium plans start at $4.99/mo)

4. Zoom for Gmail

Zoom for Gmail is an add-on that delivers the power and benefits of Zoom video messaging to your Gmail account. You can directly share Zoom video and audio meetings flawlessly. Thanks to this integration, you can seamlessly move a chat into a video meeting.

Main features:

  • Enjoy clear audio and video from Zoom while in Gmail
  • Available to use on desktops, mobile devices, and conference rooms
  • Start a video chat immediately or schedule one for later


This add-on is free! You can go ahead and download it to take the power of Zoom and deliver it straight to your Gmail account.

Best Gmail email signature add-ons

1. Best Email Signature add ons

WiseStamp is a free email signature generator that allows small business owners to create and design their personalized email signatures for every profession, occasion, or event. You can directly automate your email with a click of a button.

Main features:

  • No need for design skills
  • no coding skill required
  • Easy-to-use email signature generator
  • Saves time
  • professional looking


This add-on is free! You can go ahead and download it to take the power of WiseStamp and deliver it straight to your Gmail account.

2. Email Signature Management for G Suite

WiseStamp B2B is a team management tool that manages multiple signatures straight from your Gmail message box toolbar. Automates your G Suite signature management – manage users under you, assign signatures by the department, set auto-invites & more.

Main features

  • Auto-install Wisestamp signatures in all new messages
  • Look professional with every email that is sent
  • Simple UX and the google integration


  • $5/month, billed annually

Google contacts addon

Here are some of the best add-ons and extensions for Google Contacts.

1. Evercontact

Evercontact is a contact management app that can be used with Gmail. It’s currently the highest-rated app of its kind on Google Apps. With this add-on, you can grab contact details from anywhere or simply let it happen automatically within Gmail.

Main features:

  • Get contact info easily
  • Reduce time spent on data entry
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Avoid losing contacts ever again
  • Can run in the background in Gmail


This add-on is free but with a catch. You need to go to Evercontact’s website and then can get a free 7-day trial. From there, you can also get one of three tiers, which are all billed annually.

The Essentials tier is $59/month and can be used by one person. The Pro tier costs $99/month and can be used for up to 50 people. For the Enterprise tier, you will be paying $149/month and could be used by potentially an unlimited number of people.

The pro and enterprise versions beat out the essentials since they can centralize between users in the same organization. The enterprise version enables you to export contacts to any CRM you want.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is a Google Workplace add-on that simplifies the communication between Gmail and Google Calendar. It seamlessly integrates with Gmail, improves team collaboration, and streamlines business communications.

Main features

  • Access and message contacts within any email conversation.
  • Can be used on any device that opens Gmail
  • Provides contextual information within any Gmail message thread
  • Place calls and send SMS messages right from your emails
  • View your recent call history
  • Start new conversations using contact cards


The add-on is free. All you need to do is fill out a brief form and then you can integrate it into Gmail.

Best Gmail add-ons for business

Here are some of the best Gmail add-ons for business use.

1. Slack for Gmail

This Slack for Gmail add-on will help you shift from an email conversation into a Slack channel or DM. You can even add messages and attachments, as well as the entire email, into Slack.

Main features:

  • Use on any device that opens Gmail and slack
  • Send email contents to a slack channel or DM of your choice
  • Flag teammates in Slack using email content for setting the context


This add-on is free to use. All you need is slack, which also comes with a robust free version.

2. Smartsheet for Gmail

The Smartsheet Gmail add-on gives you the ability to add emails and attachments to rows in Smartsheet without needing to leave Gmail. If you have this work and collaboration software, then this is a great add-on to have.

Main features:

  • Provides context for emails
  • Can add emails as comments tethered to specific rows in a sheet
  • Organizes email attachments to specific rows in a sheet
  • Creates new rows directly from Gmail for adding emails and attachments


This add-on is free. However, you will need a smart sheet to use it. There is a 30-day free trial to use Smartsheet if you don’t have it already.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly helps you write more grammatically correct content. With the Grammarly extension, you can write mistake-free messages, every time.

Main features:

  • Spell-checker that catches typos
  • The grammar checker catches errors in grammar, style, and tone
  • Tailored for multilingual support, including variations like UK English


This extension is completely free. You can use it with Grammarly’s robust free version, as well as its Premium option.

4. Dropbox for Gmail

Dropbox for Gmail is an add-on that allows you to save files to the cloud and then share them. Any type of file can be uploaded without ever leaving Gmail.

Main features:

  • Attach files in Dropbox to your emails
  • Files and folders can be attached to emails without leaving Gmail
  • Add the add-on for your entire team simply and quickly
  • Manage visibility, access, and download permissions for individual files and folders
  • Use on any browser
  • Management and productivity add-ons
  • Here are some of the best Gmail management and productivity add-ons.


The cost for this add-on is completely free. You just need a Dropbox account. If you don’t need to store more than 2GB, then you can get a free Basic account.

5. Mailtrack for Gmail

Mailtrack for Gmail is a tracking script that shows you whether an email was opened or not. You can find out as soon as your emails have been read. You may also discover that you need to improve.

Main features:

  • Track which emails have been read by their recipients
  • Filter emails as being read or unread
  • Unlimited tracking capability
  • Learn how long ago an email was opened
  • Learn how many times an email was opened
  • Send group emails to 200 contacts simultaneously
  • Track links
  • Get real-time desktop pop-ups for read receipts
  • Integration options with any CRM
  • Helpful email and phone support


Mailtrack comes with a free version that is pretty robust since it has unlimited tracking ability. However, every email you send using it will say “Sent with Mailtrack” at the end of it. You also miss out on key advanced features like how long ago an email was opened and how many times.

The Monthly PRO is $4/99/month, the Quarterly PRO is $3.99/month, and the Yearly PRO is $2.99/month.

6. DocuSign eSignature add on

DocuSign is a Gmail add-on that allows you to sign contracts on the spot with electronic signing. Users can generate agreements from their Gmail or Google Drive by tagging the document and quickly signing email attachments without ever leaving your inbox.

Main features:

  • Mobile-friendly that allows users to sign on the go
  • you can set reminders and receive notifications in regard to your document
  • More than 350 integrations, leading APIs
  • Lawful and court-admissible


a personal account costs $10/mo for a single user, sending up to 5 signatures a month plus mobile friendly.

a standard account costs $25/mo for up to five users and can send an unlimited amount of signatures. Enables you to have reminders and notifications, personalized branding, and comments.

A business account is the same as the standard package, just an increase in price to $40/mo. In addition to the standard, you have collected payment advance fields, signer attachments, and bulk senders.

Best Gmail add-ons for email management and organization

Here are some of the best Gmail management and productivity add-ons.

1. Asana for Gmail

Asana for Gmail is an add-on that can help convert your emails into Asana tasks. Asana is a great way to manage tasks and projects, making this Gmail add-on a must-have if you use it. If you need to track to-dos or manage projects, this is a helpful add-on to use.

Main features:

  • Turn any email into its task
  • Assign any task to yourself or other team members
  • Set due dates that are attached to projects, including attachments
  • Track tasks within Asana with your team members
  • View updates of synced tasks without leaving Gmail
  • Easily search for, and reference, tasks in Asana without leaving Gmail


The add-on is free but you need Asana for it to work. There is a free version of Asana if you are an individual or have a small team.

2. Sortd Gmail add-on

The Sortd Gmail add-on is designed to help your business grow, manage projects, and be more productive. It helps you avoid letting emails slip through the cracks while responding to them sooner.

Main features:

  • Convert Gmail into an organizer and sales acceleration tool
  • Track when emails are opened
  • Create shared workspaces that can be shared with others
  • Have a history of all interactions with a specific contact
  • Rename email subject lines
  • Have tasks and emails in a single workspace
  • Create follow-up reminders for tasks and emails
  • Snooze emails that are not a priority
  • Get sales and activity reports


The add-on itself is free. However, you need Sortd for it to work its magic. The Pro version is $6/month per user. The Team version is $8/month per user. A Sales + Team pack costs $16/month per sales user. Each one of the subscriptions comes with a 14-day free trial.

3. Todoist

Todoist Gmail add-on is a browser extension that adds Todoist to Gmail. The app itself creates to-do lists and now makes it easy to do so alongside any email you write. This is a must for anyone using both Gmail and Todoist.

Main features:

  • Quickly manage tasks within Gmail
  • Turn any email into a task
  • Never miss deadlines thanks to reminders
  • Track progress using productivity trends
  • Prioritize tasks easily


The add-on itself is free. Todoist also comes with a great free version that can be used for up to 80 projects.

Removing Gmail add-ons

Depending on your needs, you may end up testing out one or more of these add-ons. While we hope the ones you pick give you the benefits you are looking for, you may find they don’t. If so, you can easily remove them.

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to remove Gmail add-ons:

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account.

opening gmail loading page

Step 2: Tap or click on the gear icon at the top-right of your screen, selecting Settings.

gmail inbox arrow pointing at settings icon

Step 3: Tap or click on the Add-ons link in the menu at the top right of the screen.

emails setting arrow pointing at addons

Step 4: Tap or click on the manage link under the Installed add-ons section.

email settings

Step 5: Tap or click on the three vertical dots right next to the name of the add-on you want to remove.

add on setting in gmail arrow pointing to three dots

Step 6: Tap or click on the uninstall button, and that’s it!

google add ons store arrow pointing uninstall

Final thoughts

Gmail add-ons can make sure email-related tasks are much more streamlined, seamless, and simple. These are some of the best you will find to stay hyper-productive while working for your small business.

Also, if you’re an avid Gmail user, then you will want to maximize the effectiveness of your signature to boost leads and sales. It’s underutilized.