Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, with over 1 billion users. It is fast, secure, and comes with a variety of features and Chrome extensions that make your web browsing experience even smoother.

Introduction to Google’s Chrome extensions

A Google Chrome extension is a small software program that can be installed on your browser and allows you to customize it to your needs. Extensions can range from simple tools like a bookmark manager or an ad blocker to more complex tools like a password manager or an email client.

There are thousands of Google extensions available in the Chrome Web Store, and it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you. That’s why the team at WiseStamp collected the ultimate list of the 22 best Google Chrome extensions that you can use to enhance your web browsing experience and business management.

Benefits of Using Chrome Extensions

Using Chrome extensions can be incredibly beneficial for your web browsing experience. Here are just a few of the benefits of using Chrome extensions:

  • Increased productivity: Most extensions are designed to help you be more productive. For example, if you use a task management app like Trello or Asana, you can install extensions that will make it easier to access your tasks directly from your browser.
  • Customize your browsing experience: Extensions can help you customize your web browsing experience by adding features like dark mode, tab management, and more.
  • Improved security: Extensions can help protect your privacy and security by blocking malicious websites, tracking cookies, and more.
  • Enhanced functionality: Extensions can extend the functionality of your browser by adding features like screenshot capture, screenshot editing, and more.

Want to save time and become more productive? Yes, Well, that’s great because we are going to show you the best google chrome extensions in this era.

We have researched and created a characterized list of the best Chrome extensions and plugins for productivity divided into 4 different groups: Developers, Bloggers, Businesses, and Students.

Best chrome extensions for business and professionals

  1. Momentum Chrome plugin – Productivity app that enables scheduling tasks, do-to lists, inspirational quotes, and more.
  2. Scraper – This lets you select an important web page that you come across and transfer all the data to a spreadsheet.
  3. WiseStamp – Create a professionally designed email signature with no code or design skills. required.
  4. Todoist – an organization app that helps you plan, and collaborate on projects, both big and small.
  5. Yesware for Chrome – Helps track emails, measure performance, connect with more buyers, and more.
  6. Ninja Outreach – This is a powerful tool for managing your outreach efforts.
  7. Rescue Time – This extension is a great option for monitoring your productivity.

1. Momentum

Cost: free, Momentum plus for $3.33/month

How it works: Instead of staring at a blank uninspiring new tab, the Momentum extension replaces it with useful information and eye-catching photography. That way, when you open a new tab, you can see a new photo, weather information, an inspiring quote, and even a notepad where you can jot down some reminders and stay on top of your to-do list.

You can also add links, customize your dashboard, and integrate other apps like GitHub, Trello, Asana, and more on the Momentum Plus plan. 

• Keep track of todo list
• Goal set up focus & intention
• Daily inspirational photo & quote
• View weather and forecast


• Occastional data loss

Momentum chrome extension
best chrome extensions for business productivity momentum

2. Scraper 

Cost: free

How it works: Gather data from a web page and add it directly to a spreadsheet with the Scraper app. This is a very straightforward data mining extension that helps with online research.

If you regularly collect data to add to spreadsheets, this app will help you save time. While it is limited, it’s still a handy tool for developers or data analysts who are comfortable using XPath.

• Data scraping from multiple pages;
• Various data extraction varieties such as text, images, URLs & more
• Scraping data from dynamic pages such as JavaScript, AJAX, and infinite scroll.
• Browsing scraped data;
• Exporting scraped data from a website to Excel
• Dependent on the web browser


• Deylayed new features updates and bug fixes

best chrome extension

3. WiseStamp

Cost: free chrome extension download, $5.80/month for the Awesome Plan

How it works: If you send a lot of emails, then you want to make sure you’re personalizing each one. A customized email signature is a great way to do this, and with the Wisestamp extension for Chrome, you can accomplish this quickly and easily.

This plugin allows you to create and generate a professional email signature for your emails, and it’s compatible with multiple platforms, like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, and more. There are a ton of widgets you can add to your emails as well, like a calendar to set meetings, social media icons, banners, and promotional buttons. 

• Edit your email signature on the spot
• Offers multiple widgets and add-ons
• No code or design skills are required

• Limited to pro design features and templates


4. Todoist

Cost: free, $3/month for Pro, $5/month per user for Business on an annual plan

How it works: Who doesn’t loves a good to-do list? With the Todoist Chrome extension, you can create efficient to-do lists that can be shared so that you can collaborate with your team.

Add a link as a task, create daily plans, set deadlines, rank tasks by priority, and accomplish a lot more with this essential business plugin. The app is neat and visually appealing, making this a great option to get your projects and teams organized.

• Wunderlist importer
• Assigning tasks to others
• 60+ app integrations
• Prioritize your tasks with priority levels.


• Difficulty with the extension not syncing properly.

best chrome extension todoist
Best chrome addons for developer

5. Yesware for chrome

Cost: 14-day free trial, then $15/month per user for Pro, $35/month per user for Premium, and $65/month per user for Business

How it works: If you work in sales, then you need an extension to help you manage buyers and stay on top of clients and deals. Enter Yesware for Chrome. This plugin will allow you to schedule meetings, track prospects, and follow up with potential clients. With the email tracking tool, you can see who has opened your messages. You can also create follow-up templates, run reports and access analytics, sync with Salesforce, measure performance, and a lot more.

• Email tracking
• Prospecting campaigns
• Follow templates
• Book a meeting 
• Analytics report


• Slows down Gmail
• Limited to mac users

best chrome extension yasware
Best chrome plugins for business

6. Ninja Outreach

Cost: This extension costs $79/month for the standard plan and $149/month for the advanced plan.

Ninja Outreach is a powerful content marketing and influencer outreach tool. It helps you find and connect with influencers, bloggers, and publications that are relevant to your business.

How it works: With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Ninja Outreach makes it easy to create and manage influencer outreach campaigns.

Ninja Outreach also provides detailed analytics, so you can track the success of your campaigns.

One of the biggest pros of Ninja Outreach is its affordability. The price is quite reasonable, and you can choose from several pricing plans depending on your needs.

It also has several other useful features, such as automated outreach, contact management, and team collaboration. Plus, it integrates with a number of popular tools, like Gmail, WordPress, and Shopify.

On the downside, Ninja Outreach doesn’t offer any free trial. This makes it difficult to try out the tool before committing to a purchase.

Also, it’s not as comprehensive as some of its competitors, so you may need to use additional tools for certain tasks.

Overall, Ninja Outreach is a great tool for influencer outreach and content marketing.


  • Detailed analytics
  • Reasonable price
  • Automated outreach
  • Contact management
  • Team collaboration
  • Easy integration


  • Not as comprehensive as some of its competitors
  • No free trial
ninja outreach chrome store extension

7. Rescue Time

Cost: Free 2-week trial. The Pro plan starts at $9/month. The Premium plan starts at $20/month.

Rescue Time Chrome Extension is an incredible tool for anyone wanting to increase their productivity and efficiency.

The extension helps track how you spend your time on the web, giving you clear insights into how you can work smarter. Plus, it’s completely free! But, it does have its pros and cons.

On the plus side, Rescue Time provides extensive data about your web activity, allowing you to track your most productive hours, monitor your distractions, and set up customized alerts for when it’s time to take a break.

The downside is that it does require some setup and can be a bit intrusive. It will track every website you visit, and it needs to be turned on manually.

You can also upgrade to Rescue Time’s Pro or Premium plans for additional features like in-depth reports, alerts, and custom goals. All in all, Rescue Time is a great tool for anyone looking to increase their productivity.


  • Get clear insights into how you can work smarter
  • Provides extensive data about your web activity
  • Provides extensive data about your web activity
  • Set up customized alerts


  • Requires some setup
  • Can be a bit intrusive
rescue time google extension
Rescue time interface

Best chrome extensions for students

  1. My memorizer tool – Online memorization app, select any text you come across online while browsing.
  2. Flashcards stash – Helps you memorize words you find online in the dictionary so that you can later revisit them as a game.
  3. Kami – functions as a digital classroom tool that lets users take any document, image, or PDF and see feedback.
  4. Imagus – Images extension allows you to hover your cursor over an image thumbnail and see the entire thing in a pop-up.
  5. Document editor – Edit, share, and create different types of documents across all platforms such as google docs, Microsoft office, and more.
  6. Web Citer – Simply cite your assignments according to your citation requirements.

1. My memorizer tool

Cost: free

How it works: The My Memorizer Tool extension allows you to memorize any text you come across online while browsing. To use this app, all you need to do is highlight the text you want to memorize, and then right-click and select “Memorize!”.

Once you’ve gathered enough items to memorize, the app will send you random quizzes throughout the day to help you really remember the texts you’ve selected. This tool helps you study even when you’re doing other things, like procrastinating on YouTube.

• Quiz alerts at different times
• Allowing increasing intervals at a time

• Supports a limited amount of browsers

best chrome extension memorizer

2. Flashcards stash

Cost: free

How it works: Create flashcards and use games and quizzes to help you learn. The Flashcards Stash extension helps you save and memorize words you find online in the dictionary so that you can later revisit them as a game to help you remember the words and definitions.

Once you create flashcards, they’ll randomly pop up on your browser screen to encourage you to learn the terms. This is a great way to prepare for a test. 

• Supports 100 languages
• Speech prononciantion
• Built-in reminders

• Pop-up/spammy-like interface

best chrome extension flashcard
Best chrome add on

3. Kami

Cost: free Basic Plan, $99/year for the Teacher Plan, and custom pricing for School & District Plan

How it works: As more classes are held online, instructors and students turn to online tools to help make learning easier. Kami is one of those tools.

This extension functions as a digital classroom tool that allows users to take any document, image, or PDF and annotate it for interactive learning. You can type, draw, or add your comments to a document, and add audio recordings for more collaborative learning. 

• Create Interactive exercises with numerous tools
• In-app grading & real-time feedback
• A digital whiteboard
• collaborative annotation and discussion
• Offers compliance with privacy/ data security
• Save time, money, and the environment


• Difficult to receive multiple licenses allowance

best chrome extension kami
Best chrome add on productivity

4. Imagus

Cost: free

How it works: Instead of opening images you search for one by one, the Images extension allows you to hover your cursor over an image thumbnail and see the entire thing in a pop-up.

This saves you time and effort so you don’t need to open each image on a separate page. This extension is helpful if you need to write a paper or create a research project that includes a lot of images. 

• Organizes multiple media sites for search purposes.


• Limited to certain pages where the extension works
• Can be distracting to the eye

 Imagus best chrome extension

5. Document editor 

Cost: free

How it works: The Document Editor extension is a great tool for collaborative learning and projects. With this app, you can edit, share, and create different types of documents, like docs, sheets, and slides, as well as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files.

Your work is updated in real-time, which saves you the hassle of inputting all the data into one file when working on group projects. 

• Create, edit and view documents.
• Offers multiple styles of management.
• Multiple font sizes, font colors & background colors.
• Search for texts.
• Enables to Insert tables/images.


• Not user friendly
• Can be filled with bugs

6. Cite this for me: Web Citer

Cost: free

How it works: If you’re writing a paper, you know that having proper citations is an important part of getting a good grade. With the Cite This for Me extension, you don’t need to worry about whether you’ve cited something properly or not since the plugin does it for you.

When you’re on the page you want to cite, click on the extension button the app generates a citation that you can copy-paste into your paper. The app works with different types of citations, such as MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago style. 

•Multi-source adder


•Doesn’t always cite properly

Best chrome plugins for students

Best chrome extensions & add-ons for developers

  1. CSSViewer – A property viewer app that allows you to inspect a current page for better layout purposes.
  2. Web developer – A code viewer that enables you to view, edit and report code errors.
  3. Hiver Bug management app that permits you to assign tasks and follow up on them.
  4. Franz Enzenhofer live test – SEO pre-defined tests on web pages that provide visual feedback.
  5. Notion web clipper – Provides an organized workspace where you can separate saved pages into different files, add notes, and assign tasks.

1. CSSViewer

Cost: Free

How it works: With the CSSViewer plugin, you can view properties on a page without having to use the ‘Inspect Element tool. You’ll get a floating panel that shows the information on things like font, positioning, color, and other attributes of different elements on a page.

This extension helps you get the details you need in a quick and efficient way. 

Pros: Privacy and security, CSSViewer requires permission to access history data

• CSSViewer won’t work if not downloaded before installing
• The style may break depending on the site you are browsing.

Best chrome add-ons for developers
best chrom extensions and plugins for developers

2. Web developer

Cost: Free

How it works: The Web Developer extension combines multiple different tools in one plugin that are useful for most developers, designers, and programmers. Once you install the plugin, it will add a toolbar to your browser. From this toolbar, there are a lot of different tools you can use.

For example, you can search for broken images on a page, click to outline elements, resize windows, pick colors, disable JavaScript, and a lot more. 

• Clear session cookies
• Displays image file sizes
• Displays clear element information

• Limited in supported extensions

Best chrome add-ons for developers
Best chrome addons for developers

3. Hiver

Cost: extension is free to download, but you’ll need a subscription to use the service. Prices range from $7-$57 per user per month on an annual plan.

How it works: Hiver is a great tool to install for engineering and developer teams. This Chrome extension will help your team communicate and work through bugs more efficiently.

Hiver allows you to organize emails in a way that they’re marked as tasks so that everyone in the platform knows who’s working on what. You can assign tasks, track them, and escalate them until they’re resolved. 

• Interference alerts – get informed when someone is responding to an email.
• Avoid duplicate & opposing responses.
• Email tags – arrange your emails by sections.
• Auto assignment – assign emails to your team for fast responses time
• Email Templates – Store replies as templates
• Analytics – track key customer service KPI’s.
• Surveys customers – Survey customer satisfaction.


• Gmail-centric customer service solution

Best chrome add-ons for developers

4. Franz Enzenhofer live test

Cost: Free

How it works: The Franx Enzenhofer Live Test plugin works as an extendable webpage testing framework. The app runs custom and pre-defined tests on web pages and provides you with visual feedback.

It helps you optimize a page’s technical SEO and web performance and allows you to see what goes on in a browser when a page is loading and in render lifecycles. You can create your own tests to analyze the exact data you want. 

•  Extendable tool to run web performance,
• Technical SEO tests on web pages while browsing.


• Code-based extension (developers & technical managers)
• High level of HTML, the DOM, and HTTP headers skills required.

5. Notion web clipper

Cost: Free for Personal plan, $4/month for personal pro, $8 for team, and customized pricing for enterprise

What it works: With Notion Web Clipper, you can save a webpage to your Notion workspace instead of bookmarking or screenshotting it. This allows you to stay a lot more organized.

Within your Notion workspace, you can separate your saved pages into different files, so if you’re a developer, you can easily create different files for pages related to productivity or links. Once saved, the items are actionable and you can turn them into tasks, assign them to someone, and add notes.

• 1 click save all
• Organization
• On and offline use


• Slowed feature updates

best chrome extensions Notion Web Clipper
Best chrome addons for developers-3

Chrome extension for developers

Best chrome extensions for bloggers

  1. Grammarly – an on-page grammar corrector app.
  2. Awesome screenshot & screen recorder – Screenshot image edit app.
  3. Dictionary for google chrome – get a definition of any word on any web page.
  4. WhatFont – find out which font a webpage is using.
  5. Save to Pocket – Save favorite web pages or blogs in an organized online space
  6. SEOquake – provides key SEO metrics such as analyzing SERPs, getting information on keywords, auditing a page for SEO, and more.

1. Grammarly

Cost: free, Premium for $11.66/month, or Business for $12.50/month per user

How does it work? If you write any amount of text like emails, articles, and especially blog posts, then Grammarly is the sidekick you need. This app reviews on-page grammar when you type and looks out for things like spelling, punctuation, syntax, and more.

The app will underline the mistake and show you the correction, and will sometimes even explain the grammar rule, making you a stronger writer in the future. This plugin works great in Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress, and other website builders for bloggers.

• Offers numerous word synonyms
• Works across all platforms

• Doesn’t catch all grammar mistakes.
• Can be disturbing when typing

best chrome extension bloggers grammarly

Chrome extension for bloggers

2. Awesome screenshot & screen recorder

Cost: free, Basic for $4/month per user, Professional for $5/month per user, and Team for $25/month for 5 users based on an annual plan. 

How it works: There’s taking a standard screenshot on your computer, or there’s taking an advanced one with the Awesome Screenshot extension.

This plugin allows you to capture a screenshot and then edit it to your liking. You can blur out sections, annotate them, capture video recordings, and share them with others. Your screenshots save to a file in Google Drive where you can go back and work with them or share them.

• Save & share recordings
• Multiple edit options for screen capture
• Edit & add annotations of your choice


• No all languages are supported

Best chrome extensions

3. Dictionary for google chrome

Cost: free

How it works: The Dictionary for Google Chrome app is a great google extension since you can quickly and easily get the definition of any word on a page. Simply highlight the word you want to define and the extension will give you the meaning of the word when you right-click on it.

This app is especially helpful if you’re working with texts in other languages since the app supports 40 different languages. 

• Supports all languageges
• Works with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge Browser


• No all languages are translated correctly

best chrome extension Dictionary for google chrome
Best chrome extensions for bloggers

4. Save to pocket

Cost: free, Premium for $4.99/month or $44.99/year

How it works: Sometimes you come across a great piece of content online, but it wasn’t what you were looking for or you don’t have the time to review it. With Save to Pocket, you can save content that you want to read later.

With this extension, you can easily save articles, videos, photos, and more, and then open them later on from any device even if you’re offline. You can store your saved items with tags so that your files are organized and easy to access.

• Save content in 3 different ways
• Organization and place to store important content
• Discover related content


• The delete function doesn’t work sometimes

best chrome extensionSave to pocket
Best chrome extentions for bloggers

5. WhatFont

Cost: free

How it works: Do you ever come across a font on another blog or website and wonder what font it is? Instead of searching endlessly online, use the WhatFont extension to find out instantly.

With this app, you can scan a whole page and get the names of the font that appear there. Simply hover over the text you want to identify, and the plugin will give you the name of the font. This is especially helpful for bloggers and developers who want to make their own web pages stand out with unique new fonts. 

• API font finder
• Identify the fonts on the web in seconds.


• In order for the extension to work, refresh previously opened pages to activate it.

best chrome extension what font
Best chrome extensions for bloggers

4. SEOquake

Cost: free

How it works: If you’re trying to increase your blog’s traffic and organic reach, you probably need an SEO tool to help you along the way. SEOquake chrome extension is a helpful tool that will provide you with key SEO metrics and other tools.

With it, you can analyze SERPs, get information on keywords, audit a page for SEO, generate reports, and a lot more. This extension is made up of several SEO tools, making it ideal for budding bloggers. 

• Compatible with many browser extensions and regularly updated.
• Review all major metrics in a heartbeat


• Tends to show unrealistic errors on metrics.

 best chrome extension SEOquake
Best chrome extensions for bloggers

Final thoughts

While there are plenty more helpful Google chrome extensions and plugins out there, we recommend starting out with some of the ones we covered here.

Depending on your specific needs, you might even find others that are more helpful for your goals. Regardless of which extensions you use, using these tools can help increase your productivity and make your browsing experience more enjoyable and efficient.